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Aug 10, 2006 12:38 AM

Dim Sum in Honolulu?

The husband and I are going to the Big Island in October. But, we're spending the night in Honolulu since our flight gets in late. Rather than take the first flight out in the morning, we've decided to spend a part of the day on Oahu before flying to the Big Island late afternoon. We get breakfast with our room, so we don't have to hunt for that. But, I'd like some suggestions for good dim sum for lunch. I haven't had dim sum in a couple of years (since I was last in the Bay Area) and would really like to get some.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Don't know if they have Dim Sum, but I can highly recommend Little Village Noodle House, 1113 Smith Street, 545-3008. We had terrific potstickers (second only to Excellent Dumpling in NYC. Liked the pan-fried beef; unlike other versions of this I've had, the meat was coarsely chopped before frying. Also good was Minute Chicken Fried Noodle.

    1. Since you're spending the night, you can go to Panda's. Half off dim sum after 10 pm. Its on keamouku across the street from wal mart.

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        Thanks to both responders. Eating after 10pm is a little late for my glucose levels, but after being stuck in an airplane for hours without my own water or gatorade supply (I doubt the airlines are going to ramp up water service, even though they've banned liquids from being brought onboard), a little snack may be in order!

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          Panda's is also open from 10:30am - 2:30pm & I think re-open at 5pm, so you can definitely do lunch there - just not half off!

      2. Definitely make sure you go to the Cultural Plaza in Chinatown. It's a mini mall like structure with many restaurant - including four that specialize in dim sum. Perhaps most popular (and expensive) is Legends. The restaurant itself is beautiful and they have the largest variety on the island. Next door to Legends is another that just opened last week. Never visited yet, but I've heard good reviews. My personal favorite is Tai Pan. It is very tiny and often cramped, but the quality of the food and VERY low prices (about $1.80 an order) is well worth it. Fook Lam at the river end of the plaza was opened by one of the chefs at Tai Pan and sells for the same price. The restaurant is bigger so odds are you won't have to wait in line, but they have not been doing well in terms of consistency - it's usually a hit or miss. Overall? Go all out of Legends (if the grand dim sum atmosphere is something of iterest) or leave very content from Tai Pan, where it's tiny, crowded, but SO delicious!

        1. Other possibilities- all quite good but will very in price.

          1) Happy Day restaurant 3553 Waialae Ave. 738-8666. Located in Kaimuki

          2) Hee Hing- 449 Kapahulu Ave. 735-5544. Located near Waikiki.

          3) RoyalGarden (Ala Moana Hotel) 410 Atkinson Drive- 942-7788 The hotel next to Ala Moana shopping center. Kinda pricy but good.


          1. If you're staying in Waikiki, Beijing restaurant in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center on the third level has excellent dim sum as does Seafood Village in the Hyatt Regency.