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Aug 10, 2006 12:37 AM

The Perfect B-Day Cake

I'm looking for the perfect chocolate cake for my friend's birthday... Any suggestions chowhounds?

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    1. re: David Kahn

      I'm willing to travel for the perfect cake but practically speaking I live in Mt. Washington (by South Pasadena) and work in Hollywood so anywhere between or around works for me. Tx!

      1. re: altwhitemale

        Ruby Bakery, 5042 Eagle Rock Blvd x St. Colorado. 323-259-9052. Pking on ER Blvd in front of store or more behind. My experience has been very good after several different cakes. Fresh fruit cakes is their specialty and they can prepare on short notice(another personal experience)reasonable prices. Many different flavors of cakes and fillings and not too far north from Mt. Wash.

        1. re: altwhitemale

          We like Takes the Cake on Colorado Bl. in Pasadena (near PCC). Note that they are more of a custom cake shop rather than an already in stock bakery...but the fillings & cake flavors are phenomenal.

      2. Gelson's for a quick buy. I had their chocolate cake last year at a friend's birthday party and was so surprised that it wasn't homemade. The cake was perfectly moist and not oily and the frosting was not too sweet but just heavenly.

        If you're in the South Bay area or willing to travel that way, I also love the dobash cake at King's Hawaiian in Torrance.

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        1. re: waterisgood

          I was actually considering Gelson's because I have had surprising good luck there when I haven't had time to shop around! I was thinking of getting a basic chocolate cake like the one you've described but now I'm torn between the black & white cake described at la provence. Let you know what I end up with. Tx!

          1. re: waterisgood

            I echo King's Hawaiian in Torrance. Their fruit flavored layered cakes are excellent. We purchased a sheet cake for my mother's 90th birthday and for about $15 extra, they were able to create a copy of an old photo, when she was 4 years old, on the top of the cake. It was wonderful and the hit of the party.

          2. our absolute chocolate cake is the black & white cake at la provence in beverly hills.

            light chocolate cake with a deep flavor (i think they're using callebaut)with chocolate mousse with strawberries folded in. alternating black and white chocolate panels topped with black and choc curls and b/w choc dipped strawberries. we always get compliments especially from our friends from europe.

            not inexpensive. about the same as sweet lady jane, but much better.

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            1. My gf got me the ice cream cake at coldstone's, despite it being a chain, everyone commented on how good it was. But I guess ice cream can turn any cake into a popular one.

              1. I reccomend the Rose Cafe in Venice. They do an awesome dark chocolate raspberry cake!

                When I catered some years ago I would serve it a lot and get calls months later from clients saying "I have to have THAT cake" for some occaision.

                They have another dessert that is layered hazelenut meringue with lemon filling between the layers. Unusual, really, really good.

                220 Rose Ave.
                Venice, CA 90291
                Corner of Main St. & Rose Ave.
                310.396.2660 (Fax)