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Solo options on LV Strip?

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I'm going to be at a conference at the Venetian for 5 nights. I won't have a car, and it would probably be easiest to stay on the strip near the hotel, because there'll be some long days. I know there are some really excellent restaurants in town, but I don't think my SO is going to be able to come with me. Any suggestions for casual spots where I'll be comfortable dining alone? No preference as far as food type--pretty much anything goes. All price ranges are okay too--it'll probably be mostly casual but a nice dinner would certainly be appreciated too.


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  1. Given similar circumstances (wife was in meetings and I was "attending spouse") Emeril's was extremely friendly, regarding my "single" status. They accommodated me, as though I was a party of six.

    Probably just one of many.


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      The folks at Emeril's Fish House are acommodating, why my server told me that HER favorite restaurant is Claim Jumper (which is a temple of big food). The food at Emeril's was underwhelming, but not cheap. I did manage to put away a couple of very nice bottles of some Kabinet style Riesling, now that was good stuff.

      The dishes seem to have Emeril's style, but their execution was subpar. You will find the dirty details here:


      If I were in the MGM, which is where Emeril's is, I would like to try Craft. And before anyone else does, I'll recommend Lotus of Siam, which is a couple of blocks off the strip. Arguably the best Thai restaurant in the U.S. (or so it is said).

    2. I would go to the Daniel Boloud Brasserie at the Wynn (just a short walk from Venetian) and sit at a table in the beautiful bar where the full dinner menu is available or go upstairs at the Venetian to Thomas Keller's Bouchon which will happily accomodate you at a table or at the old zinc bar. Lotus of Siam is indeed fantastic, but difficult without a car and best when a group can share a variety of dishes (and love spicy hot food).

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        Dined at Daniel Boloud Brassesie on 11/09/06. Food was average but the service was very weak. Try the duck confit if you go. We were ignored from the moment we were seated. When we did have a server, she was always very rushed. The wine served basically forgot we existed. All and all, I'd avoid this place. I did however get the best Manhattan ever. Well worth stoping at the bar for a Manhattan.

      2. Most of the restaurants on the Strip are very accommodating to solo diners. That said, less 'frenetic' places are probably better for solo. And I say this as a frequent solo diner who will eat just about anywhere solo. I love FIX at the Bellagio, for instance, but it is not ideal for the solo diner; it’s a blast and has terrific food but you want to go there with at least one other person. (The same is true for the equally excellent MON AMI GABI at Paris.)

        COMMANDER’S PALACE is one of the best restaurants on the Strip, and they actually have a policy of treating the solo diner particularly well and giving the solo diner a free after dinner cocktail. It is well worth a visit. If you do, the crab cakes are the best you will ever have (you can get a single crab cake as an appetizer, if you want something else for your main course.)

        I have had lovely experiences as a solo diner at AUREOLE, CHARLIE PALMER STEAK and RED SQUARE, all in Mandalay Bay; PRIME at The Bellagio; and BOUCHON at the Venetian. All are great restaurants (Red Square is good, not great) and are well suited to solo dining. FLUER DE LYS in Mandalay Bay and ALEX at The Wynn also are well suited for the solo diner. And ALEX will be one of the best meals you will ever have.

        Most of these are more 'fine dining' - though you can eat reasonably as a single diner at most. ALEX is expensive no matter what, but well worth the money. The food and the experience will be well worth it, and I guarantee you they will treat you, like COMMANDER'S PALACE, like a king. (I have to add CIRCO at The Bellagio to this list; I had one of the best meals of my life there a couple of weeks ago; the service matched the food and I know they would treat you well.)

        Finally, I also like to eat as a solo diner sitting at a bar. WOLFGANG PUCK BAR AND GRILLE, at the MGM Grand, is casual, has terrific food, and it is a fun place to have a drink and a meal at the bar. The same goes for GIORGIO CAFFE & RISTORANTE in Mandalay Place. Casual, with wonderful pastas and a bar that is comfortable. Finally, Zeffirino in The Venetian Canal Shops, offers very good food at reasonable prices, extremely attentive service and a nice view of the canal itself.

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          While I have not dined solo in Vegas, I have heard great things about solo dining at Commander's Palace. One traveler's review mentioned he said to the maitre d' that he was dining alone and asked for a seat at the bar. The maitre d' said "Absolutely not!" The reviewer's heart sank for a moment, until the maitre d' looked over the rims of his glasses and continued, "Single diners at Commander's Palace are given special attention. I shall arrange for a table in the garden room immediately." Suffice it to say, the reviewer was thrilled.

        2. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'll look forward to trying a few of these.

          1. I went by myself to Bradley Ogdenlast year, more for a snack, though. They would have seated me at a table but I opted for the bar. It was very comfortable and the service was excellent. Best bar seating you'll see, imho. Quiet, comfortable area. I had soup and dessert that was so good I am definitely trying them for dinner next trip.

            1. I have eaten many places in Vegas as a solo diner, never a problem. Mesa Grill at the bar for lunch, Bradley Ogden at the bar for appetizer (blue cheese souffle - yum) and salad, FIX at Bellagio, three times solo - it's a trendy, loud restaurant but very good food, SW steakhouse, Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hard Rock, etc.

              1. If you want a quick option, the food court at Caesar's Palace has many good choices. There are many different types of food, seafood - including a real new england lobster roll with appropriate bun, barbecue, wraps, salad. Ate lunch there twice recently and it was good.

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                  The salad place at the Cypress Court at Caesars is perfect for when you are planning a large meal elsewhere. Fresh ingredients and decent dressings. It's a little pricier than some, but I haven't found a better food court in a LV hotel.

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                    What's good there? I was stuck there once....food sucked! (i think I had the BBQ stuff).

                    I like Mesa Grill....they have a nice (small) bar with friendly bartenders and good drinks.

                    Burger Bar too....at least for lunch.

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                      I second Burger Bar. You can sit at the counter...it's in Mandalay Place.

                2. I think there are two ways to go as a single diner.

                  If you are a gregarious type who might enjoy chatting with a chef, bartender, wait staff and other solo diners, by all means avail yourself of the bar dining option offered at so many restaurants, some mentioned by previous posters.

                  However, I am not that type - if I am alone in Vegas it is because I crave privacy and want to be with myself - and a book. Therein lies my advice. If you are tired of room service, want real food as opposed to coffee shop choices, and seek the stimulation of being surrounded by activity without being "of" it - then take a paperback with you and go VERY early for dinner(or very late, but that is harder in Vegas where good restaurants are bursting right up to closing) or VERY late for lunch to any fine restaurant, where you ask to be seated in an isolated corner table "so I can enjoy my book." (not ie in a row of banquettes etc) One orders, enjoys one's book, eats at whatever pace one wishes, tips generously (the table could have seated two, after all) and leaves !

                  I have done this all over the world - in Vegas my good experiences have included -

                  Palm in Caesar's Forum Shops - late lunch, place is nearly empty, you'll get a booth, a filet and great happiness !

                  Fix at Bellagio - lunch

                  Prime at Bellagio - very early dinner

                  The Italian restaurant at Caesars (the name escapes me) - early dinner

                  Enjoy !