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Aug 10, 2006 12:04 AM

Authentic Taiwanese

Any recommendations for *authentic* taiwanese fare in the bay area? Will travel for great food! I know about:

stinky tofu at Spices
Taiwan Restaurant (ugh!)
Taiwan Point on Irving (seems to be closed now?)

But what about places for oyster pancake, those little clams in garlicky soy sauce (don't know the english name), shaved ice, and other taiwanese street food??

Any leads would be great!

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  1. Here's a thread from a few months ago to get you started. It has links to some additional discussions as well. I liked the oyster pancake at Fishi Cafe in Fremont, as reported below.

    1. 168 Restraurant in Richmond/El Cerrito inside Pacific East Mall. I can't say it's the best ever, but I think they do a lot of Taiwanese eats well.

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        the pork chop rice here is GOOD. they dip it into some kind of curry then deep fry it, can't find anything similar to this in the south bay.

      2. Not sure about 168, only ate there once years ago, but the majority of the core Taiwanese expat population is still concentrated around Fremont/Newark and all of South Bay and hence the better restaurants tend to be around there.

        For something different, Cafe Taiwan in Milpitas is probably one of the newer offerings for Taiwanese and probably the only place that offers authentic Hakka Taiwanese fare. For vegetarian/vegan Hakka Taiwanese fare, there's Sogo Tofu (but sadly quality goes up and down quite a bit, then again I'm a picky person)

        Not everything at Cafe Taiwan is good, but their signature dish mahn luan ju jiao (mahn luan style pig feet) is fantastic (finally got to try it a month ago), way better than Won's Stew House version.

        Link to a few reports and do check out the pics and the link to that blog:

        By the way it looks like Ay Chung Noodle's branch in Richmond (Pacific East Mall) has closed (?) The one in Milpitas Square remains. Granted it is a far cry from the one in Taipei, but still many notches above many other so called restaurants that offer Taiwanese fare.

        Speaking of Taiwanese style pork chops bento, the version at Won's Stew House is pretty good. Of course the one at A&J's in Cupertino is also an old school winner.

        1. Southland Taste in the Cupertino Village Center (off Wolfe rd. near 280) is a home-style Taiwanese place. I haven't had the stinky tofu there (not really my thing) but my Grandma (originally from Taiwan) liked the place. Their house made cucumbers (lightly pickled) are very tasty and only $1.75/plate. No table clothes and the food is functional and inexpensive, but I like the bustle of the place. They also have one or more sister restaurants, I think in Milpitas.