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Aug 9, 2006 11:57 PM

Chicken Breast Entrees

I have a friend that I ocasionally eat out with. The only meat she will eat is chicken breast and turkey (yes, I know how odd and boring this is). She will not eat fish or seafood, either. I know where we can get her chicken breast salads and turkey burgers. The question is, where can I take her that has interesting chicken breast entrees?

I would prefer recommendations somewhere between Venice and West Hollywood and under $30 an entree. Ethnic foods and cheap-ish are also of interest, as many use dark meat chicken. Thanks!

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  1. Chichen Itza, any Indian/pakistani tandoori place, yakitori places......

    r gould-saltman

    1. some poo poo, but i love the chicken picatta, chicken karl malden (like picatta but with fried eggplant piccata stacked ontop), marsala, parmasan...nice bar/bartender/cocktails too.


        you should check this out. its coming up in september. the entrees always seem to be some sort of chicken or salmon. one reason why i've never had any of it before.


        most of the menus aren't up yet.

        1. I can't imagine what the problem might be. My wife and I very much prefer the "landing gear", and we keep finding ourselves in restaurants that don't even offer anything but breast meat! For someone who regards the drumstick as the Basic Unit of any chicken, this is a deep travesty...

          1. The Kung Pao Bistro on Santa MOnica Blvd. at Fairfax in front of Whole Foods uses chicken breast in its very tasty chinese chicken salad, and in fact sets it right on top to allow you to see that that is what it is. Also, very tasty cooked chicken dishes, most of which use breast meat.