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Aug 9, 2006 11:53 PM

Ou est les desserts?

Ok, since you guys are so helpful and willing, where should I go for my enormous sweet tooth?

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  1. I USED to say the Pontchartrain and their "Mile High Pie". Now I would say Bon Ton and the bread pudding.

    1. Herbsaint for the brown butter banana tart...or Brennan's for the ultimate & original bananas foster
      Creole Creamery for a nectar ice cream soda...
      Hansen's Sno Bliz (corner of Bordeaux & Tchopitoulas) for a lemonade, cream of nectar, or cream of chocolate flavor with a side-helping of history & local culture
      Or a snowball from Pandora's IceBox or Plum St. Snowballs
      Palace Cafe for white chocolate bread pudding
      Commander's bread pudding souffle
      Beignets at Cafe du Monde (duh!)
      Brownies at Mother's (good takeout, plane-ride-home treat)

      If you see the Roman Candy Man's wagon on the street (he's no longer using a mule post-K; the wagon's being pulled by his big white pickup truck), be sure to stop and buy some. It's a taffy-like sticky confection made completely by hand and a serious NOLA icon.

      I'd tell you to go to Brocato's, but it hasn't reopened yet. If you're traveling in late August/early Sept, double-check its status, because it's definitely worth a visit. Torrancino, cannoli, fig cookies, straciatella gelato, fruit ices, and the kind of place that even Katrina can't wash off the map....ceiling fans, glass cases, small marble-top tables, photos of the ancestors on the walls...

      1. Creme Brulee at the Alpine on Chartres.

          1. I used to love the chocolate mousse at Antoine's. Haven't been in ages.