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Aug 9, 2006 11:21 PM

Chapter 8 Steak House

Anyone been to Chapter 8 Steak House & Dance Lounge in Agoura Hills?

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  1. No, did you try it? Would love to know more about it.

    1. am going in december
      will let you know!!

        1. Chapter 8 thinks it's on the Sunset Stip. Went there for a birthday dinner, all paid, seperate room... when we arrived it was 9pm, the place was half full and they had a velvet rope. We were told sternly to "stand behind the white line" when no one was even there to even differentiate reservations and walk ins. When we told them the party we were with they pulled back the rope and kissed our asses.

          The food was okay. I had the pan roasted chicken. All proteins are served a la carte, then you share sides family style with your table.

          The drinks are strong.

          The crowd is pampered Ventura County line snobs who want to pretend they are in the City.

          I wouldn't go back, unless someone else is paying, again!

          1. They're within spitting distance of the Agoura Hills location of Wood Ranch, where you can eat the best tri-tip protein this side of Santa Maria and expand on your deepest insights about post-velvet-rope sophistication in Los Anglelus circa 2525.