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Aug 9, 2006 11:15 PM

Quebec City for SF Hounds

We are firming up our September trip to Montreal and QC and would appreciate recommendations. We have reserved in Montreal @ Brunoise,Ferreira and will also reserve @ Au Petit Extra and Lemeac.
Where should we eat in Quebec City( 3 days)? We like market driven menus and think Laurie Raphael might be ok for lunch. We will be staying at Dominion 1912.


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  1. We had a great lunch at Laurie Raphael a couple years back - I think they have a prix fixe still that is great value. Stylish classy yet down to earth place - impressed by the cordial service staff, decor etc as well as the creative food.

    1. First of all, the Dominion is a GREAT choice of hotel! Now. Laurie is great for lunch, but depending on your budget, I would definitely do it for dinner.

      For good market cuisine, mostly fish, try le Marie-Clarisse, who serves the best fish in the city. Close to the hotel too. You can also do Toast! a few minutes away from the Dominion.

      But, seriously, Claude, the concierge at the Dominion is your best guide for restaurants. He's been in the business for ages and really knows his stuff. I suggest you email or call him and ask him for suggestions with your specifics. He will make the reservations for you and everything.

      1. We just returned from Quebec City and were not so impressed w/ Marie Clarisse for lunch. There are a zillion places on the Grande Allee where you can walk, check out menus and can sit outside.
        Laurie Raphael is excellent, although we had a an odd experience with fellow diners there.
        See my post on Adventures in Quebec from a few days ago...

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          Tho it sounds like it was a pretty bizarre experience for you its hardly typical of the restaurant - anyway, why not some compassion for the guy with the problem?

          Both the Grand Allee and a lots of the lower town are crammed with cafes/sidewalk eating establishments, but its hard to tell whether any of them are chow-worthy - to me the atmosphere is a little offputting unless you like to eat in a crowd. Are any of these places worth visiting?

          A friend also enjoyed Yuzu, a fusion place.

        2. I agree that our experience at LR is clearly not the norm...I don't imagine it would be any place. As far as compassion, I had no issue with his back problem-it seemed he wanted us all to know about it as he went on loudly about it. I really do have an issue with bare feet in a restaurant. Sorry, I think that's really foul.

          Yuzu is good-I forgot about that. Avoid Versa next door. The food was salty as could be!

          1. Reply to MRS...I really think you had very bad experiences in Quebec. Versa usually serves pretty good stuff...