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Aug 9, 2006 11:15 PM

Any decent food in Oxnard-Mandalay Bay area

Will be in Mandalay Bay area and in search of any food limited to within a 15 minute drive at most. I don't know that area at all and I know that per a previous post resources are limited in Ventura County. Any suggestions?

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  1. caveat: haven't been in at least 3-4 years, but ...

    thre's a a good thai-peruvian place in ventura on main street, i think. that's the name, a good thai-peruvian place. might be more like 20 min drive. it's been years, i'm only assuming it's still there.

    ditto on the burger joint on the 101 frontage road. divey place with a bar, but good burgers.

    the seafood place in the village is cool. you pick it, they steam it or fry it or whatever it. it's no SM seafood, but it's a decent value.

    avoid anything at that hotel. buffet breakfasts are overrun with kids clamoring for rubbery eggs. happy hour drink deals are ok.

    oh, and whatever you do, avoid the mexican restaurant in the village. some of the worst food i've ever eaten.

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    1. re: Baby Ruth

      I've posted this before, but you'll probably want to steer clear of Thai Peru(either the Oxnard or the Ventura locales).

      If you're at the beach, consider driving over to Savier's Road and trying Chai's Thai. It's in the middle of a mission-themed mini-mall, but they have a wonderful patio and great specials.


      1. re: abrahamincpt

        Yes, I agree that Chai Thai is the best Thai that I have found in Ventura county. I also liked Blue Elephant Thai down in Port Hueneme on Channel Islands Blvd near Vons.

        I have heard rumor of an excellent hole-in-the-wall Thai place in Oxnard called Tien Thai or Tian Thai, but I have not yet been there.

    2. DO NOT try the Thai-Peruvian Restaurant. It is AWFUL!!!!!!! There is NOTHING worth recommending in Oxnard.

      1. There is a divey little place on Roosevelt near Victoria, not too far from the beach and harbor called Quincy Street. I almost hate to tell anyone about it, because it is busy enough with locals already. They have steak, seafood, pasta, BBQ etc. Their clam chowder is insane! I had a smoked prime rib there a couple of years ago that I still think about. Full bar too with nice martinis!

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        1. re: Cher D.

          Awww, Quincy's Street! I grew up less than a block from there, and it was always my favorite "grown-up" place as a kid. I highly recommend the ribs, super-garlicy caesar, and the onion brick. Oooooo, the onion brick...drool, artery-clogging goodness. Victoria will curve around into Roosevelt, and its on your right, right before Santa Rosa Ave.

        2. Just a little down the road from Mandalay in the Oxnard Shores area is a tiny strip mall that has a crowne jewel in it. Stop at Heavenly Cakes and More in the morning for sweet treats and take a cake home with you when you leave. Their baked goods are out of this world.

          1007 Harbor Bl. Oxnard, CA

          1. OH NO!! I am in such severe trouble now as I am a bad bad bakery addict. Thank you everyone for your suggestions so far. If I find anything else I will post it.