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Aug 9, 2006 11:02 PM

Seafood distributor/seller in Bay Park (san diego)

does anyone know the name of the place that sells fresh fish/crustaceans/etc in bay park? it is right off morena blvd i believe. they had it on KUSI news the other day. Fresh fish and it is available to the public. Kind of like point loma seafood but it looked better.

anyone ever tried any of there stuff? is it the best or no?


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  1. The place is Bay Park Fish Co. on Ashton, next door to Siesels (sp) if you know where that is.

    Had dinner there once and liked it. Its popular so we had to wait for a table. Its casual-noisy-fun. Had some mexican style seafood and it was good. Decent wine list by the glass. It is worth checking out for sure.

    1. Catalina Offshore Products is nearby there as well, off Morena:

      They had extremely high quality fish and shellfish, incl. sashimi grade, both fresh and frozen. They are also very proud of their fresh Uni, which I have not tried. They are somewhat of a wholesaler, and most products are only available in larger quantities.

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        catalina offshore.. that was it! thank you so much! i will check it out. i dont like buying fish or seafood from vons or albertsons. those blue styrofoam things ruin it for me... :)

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          The California Gold uni is fabulous.

        2. When I was in San Diego, I visited quite a few seafood markets. One of the best wholesalers available to the public I found is: San Diego Seafood at 1842 Mckinley Ave
          National City, CA 91950-5425
          (619) 474-4000 I met the owners Kathy and David Strangman and they are very friendly. Somoe of the freshest in the area and best prices. Stuart Onsrud Windham, NH