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Kids birthday cake

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My son is turning one next month and I want to get a great birthday cake. I was thinking Hanson's but would love some other options.
I want a sheet cake with yummy frosting, not whipped cream. I am looking for a place that can do kids cakes like sesame street, not a fancy place like Sweet Lady Jane.
I am willing to drive a bit but would like to stay on this side of the hill. (meaning not heading into the valley)
Any ideas?
Thank you!

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  1. funny - i have friends with twin girls who are turning one this week and who had similar cake needs/desires. after spending an entire day tasting and comparison shopping at various bakeries, they ended up going with hanson's. the party is this saturday, so i'll be able to report back on how the cake turns out.

    1. Check out Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills. When I was in ordering my wedding cake, they were working on an *amazing* cake for a 1-year-old.


      1. Thank you! I will check out Rosebud and see what they have.
        I have a feeling I will end up with hanson's but would really love to try going someplace else.
        Any other idea's?

        1. Does anyone have any other ideas? I want to start looking this weekend and get the cake ordered by next weekend.

          1. When I was a kid, I used to always get my birthday cakes from Phoenix Bakery in China Town... still one of my favorite cakes, love the strawberry! :)


            1. ok...
              I think Costco makes the best sheet cakes around! The frosting is fantastic and real, as is the cake. For my son's birthday, we got the chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate mousse inside. It sounds too rich, but it is very milk chocolate tasting and yummy!
              As far as looks, I scraped off the tacky balloons and flowers and covered it with my own idea. His birthday was a bulldozer theme, so I crushed up Oreos and covered the sheet cake with "dirt" and then added a cute bulldozer toy and some cones, etc. and made it a construction site. It looked great, obviously tasted great, and no one knew it came from Costco!