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Aug 9, 2006 10:52 PM

Adirondacks Dining - Interlaken v. Mirror Lake

We're looking for a delicious place to celebrate a birthday in the Lake Placid/Saranac region. Our original options were the restaurant at Paul Smith, Interlaken Inn, Mirror Lake, or Wawbeek. I think we've narrowed it down to Interlaken or Mirror Lake (though I could be convinced otherwise if you guys tell me so). We're looking for fresh (preferably local) ingredients, creative menus, and a nice (but not too stuffy) atmosphere.

Any thoughts or recommendations?


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  1. We prefer the Interlaken to the Mirror Lake Inn when we go to Lake Placid(around 8 times a yr.)
    The Interlaken is more homey,the staff less "stuffy",and the food is better at the Interlaken ioho.
    The Mirror Lake is expensive for what you get(small portions) and we've always found a "snobby" attitude at the Mirror Lake that we really don't like.
    The Mirror Lake owns the Cottage Restaurant across the street on the lake and this is a fine alternative to the coldness of the Mirror Lake Inn.
    Another gourmet restaurant to consider is LaVeranda,just across the street from the Holiday Inn.
    This is as fine as either of the other restaurants,its $$$$,but oh soooo good.

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    1. re: catnip

      We will be in Lake Placid this weekend for a wedding. Any suggestions for a good, but inexpensive lunch? We will be staying at the Hilton, so it would be nice if it was close.

      1. re: Fred19

        Well, you can't get much closer than the Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar across Main Street from the Hilton! They do great sandwiches and have quite a nice selection of wines and beers. Not TOO far from the Hilton is the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery at the end of Mirror Lake. Then there is the Black Bear down Main Street a bit, near the Golden Arrow hotel... fairly inexpensive, simple food. Nothing fancy, often crowded. (They do a good breakfast, too.)

        1. re: AndreaU

          Thanks for the Brown Dog Cafe suggestion. We had a great lunch there. The sandwiches, salad and wine were all excellent.

          1. re: Fred19

            Sorry not to answer your question Fred.
            We too were away for a long weekend.
            I too would have mentioned "Brown Dog" as well as the "Cottage" which is in front of the Mirror Lake Inn right on the lake.
            I'm not a big fan of the Black Bear even though they have new owners who are trying to make this place better.
            Adk. Steak and Seafood,next to the Theatre,would be another choice for lunch if you get up that way again.

    2. Whatever you do, avoid the Wabeek!

      1. I'm a sentimental sucker for the Hotel Saranac's resturant (Paul Smith Resto), and for a nice breakfast, there's always the Blue Moon Cafe. The hash is excellent, but I always seem to gravitate to the simple eggs and potatoes...

        1. I was up in Lake Placid this weekend. Had a great lunch (ham & cheese panini) at the Brown Dog Cafe on Main Street; there are a few tables in back that overlook Mirror Lake--sweet view. Had a dinner at Kanu, the relatively new restaurant in the Whiteface Lodge. It's on the pricey side for the area but fine by the standards of NYC, where I live. EXCELLENT, down to earth service, lovely setting, terrific food with complimentary champagne and amuse bouche. Had to do a little jockeying to get a decent reservation time on a Saturday night one week ahead.

          Oh yeah, also had heavy, nothing-special-but-it-fills-the-gullet MExican at Luna Loca on Rte 86 heading out toward Saranac Lake. Very attentive service and a pleasant, chatty owner, but just your standard chain-esque food.

          And though I didn't eat there, I wandered into the Boathouse (operated by the Crowne Plaza Lake Placid Resort) on Mirror Lake to check it out, and the setting is also lovely. Might be worth investigating.

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          1. re: YummyProf

            Casa del Sol had killer margaritas when I lived there. The food was decent as well. Next time you're up there, go a bit farther on 86 to Saranac Lake, it's on the right as you pass the McDonald's at the bottom of a small hill.

            1. re: verplanck

              You're right!
              Casa del Sol does have the best margaritas around.
              Avoiding the Wabeek is a good ida also.
              The food is listless.
              Friends of ours ate there a few weeks ago and complained of tastelessness,wilted vegetables,and poor service.
              Add that to the fact that the place is way off the beaten track and you'd be much better off at the Interlaken(our favorite;we eat in the tap room only) or LaVeranda,which is a nice place with great food across from the Holiday Inn up on the hill overlooking Lake Placid.
              Good eating!