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Aug 9, 2006 10:47 PM

First Time Visit to Santa Monica - Looking for Recs...

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Santa Monica for 2 days late August. Since neither of us have been there, we're looking for recommendations for dinner/lunch/breakfast. Nothing too expensive since we're both in fun loving but low paying entry level jobs. Any favorites of yours would be awesome. TIA.

*Edited to add that we're looking for recs for all 3 meals of the day...not just dinner. :)

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  1. The Newsroom Cafe is a small place but excellent for lunch or dinner.

    1. Musha
      424 Wilshire Boulevard
      Santa Monica, CA

      Japanese small plates - casual

      You might want to call ahead for reservations.

      1. I really like Musha on Wilshire which is Japanese small plates -- small but very lively, with cute little private rooms as well. It's pretty reasonable if you don't go nuts ordering plate after plate.
        Not quite in Santa Monica, but there's been a lot of raves lately for the burger and everything else at 26 Beach Cafe.
        For another very L.A. experience, hit the half price sushi happy hour at Chaya Venice on Main.

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          Touche, Chowpatty! We could definitely eat together!

          Chaya Venice is a great suggestion; I like the feel inside! This is in a good location so that you can walk around after dinner and have lots of desserts!

        2. I forgot, if you are into beer and/or gourmet burgers, you have to try Father's Office. It's not especially cheap, but it's less than eating in a "real" restaurant, and they have an excellent beer list and arguably the town's best burger. It's kinda crowded and the service can be a bit curt, so not everybody is up for that. But it would be a shame to go to Santa Monica and not try it.
          If you just want the beer, and not the attitude, The King's Head does a nice fish and chips.

          1. drive 10 minutes up PCH to Cholada for pretty good Thai. (Right next to it is Reel Inn, which is a pretty good dive-y fish place.)

            Can also drive 5-10 minutes to Brentwood, where there are a bunch of Italian places, also a cupcake place, a good chocolate maker, etc.