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Aug 9, 2006 10:44 PM

Suggestions please for LARGE GROUP DINING

Party of 11-13 -- looking for a place that has a private/semi private room with round table if possible. Recs so far:

PF Chang's
Koji's Sushi & Shabu Shabu

Any other diners know of places with private/semi private rooms -- a place where everyone can see/hear each other?



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  1. Hal's Bar and Grill on Abbot Kinney has a smaller seating area upstairs. Be sure to ask for it specifically, though. Dunno about a single round table though.

    1. Any budget restrictions?

      Preferred area of L.A.?

      Types of Cuisine(s) you want or Cuisine(s) to avoid?

      1. To narrow it down:

        Prefer between 405 and 170 in the valley (closert to Ventura better), and between 405 and 101 in LA Basin (closer to Sunset better).

        Food: any but the most extreme/rare of ethnic foods (probably not Ethiopian; Vietnamese, etc.).

        Price: not the most expensive tier, but anything below that, prob in the $25-$35 entree range.

        Thanks for any and all suggestions!


        1. I checked Hal's -- the upstairs is for 40 persons, unfortunately, but it looks like a neat place, I'll have to go there sometime.

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          1. re: chrisrass

            When you go, do try the salads on the dinner menu. Very good! Good melon martini too.

          2. If Country French sounds good, Chez Mimi has a private room(s) that handles 10 to 18 people. It has a beautiful rustic atmosphere about it and the food can be good; however, historically, their kitchen can't turn out quality food on the very busy major dining days (i.e., Valentine's Day). It fits nicely within your budget.

            Chez Mimi
            246 26th Street - Near 26th & San Vicente and 2 to 4 minutes from Sunset Blvd.
            Santa Monica
            (310) 393-0558

            Do the search function here and see what others have said.

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            1. re: JBC

              On their website menu for dinner, their most expensive entree is $25 but their per person price for their private dining is a tad more expensive than that would suggest; also, it says minimum size is 14 people but she told me 10 to 18 over the phone 4 months ago, so?