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Aug 9, 2006 10:32 PM

12 days of decadence and debauchery in Spain

Hi Chowhounds,

My BF and I just returned from our trip to Pamplona/San Sebastian, Ibiza, and was an eating extravaganza! We took extensive pics everywhere we dined which includes:


San Sebastian:
Bar Guizo
La Cuchara de San Telmo
Alona Berri
Patio de Ramunxto

Blue Marlin
Sa Capella
Las Dos Lunas
Bambuddha Grove
Plaza del Sol

Cinq Sentits
Bar Pinotxo
Cal Pep
El Xampanyet
Origins 99.9%

You can check out my photojournal at:

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  1. Great photos, thanks for posting. I'm headed to Ibiza a week from now. I'm a fairly sedate type---I'm going on my own and my objective is to have a lazy beach week, with some good food thrown in. I have absolutely no use for the whole club scene. Will I feel totally out of place?

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      No. I have been going to Ibiza for over twenty years. Last summer I did the Running of the Bulls and then went to Ibiza to relax. Did not visit even one club. Just go to the beaches and eat really well. I don't know what scene you are looking for, but the beaches vary from those with very little service or BYO to those that pamper you like crazy, but you pay for it.

      I always go to Malibu on Salinas Beach. The food and service is first rate, but you will be elbow to elbow on lounges. But the "scenery" will be beautiful.

      After the beach, aound six, head for Can Salinas and order Fideua and watch the sun go down over the salt flats. Can Salinas is on the road to the beach. The best paella and fideua in Spain.

      After a nap, go to dinner late. Las Dos Lunas for Italian, Le Faro in town at the very far end for seafood, and many others. The food on the island is great.

      Where are you staying. Pikes is one of the best. Please stay away from San Antonio, unless you like fish and chips.

      Visit La Hacienda Na Xanema onthe far side of the island.

      1. re: sushiman

        I am a 30 yr. old female and was under the assumption that San Antonio was a good place to stay. I booked a hotel there, but will cancel if you can suggest another place/hotel to stay. I want to be in an area where I can walk places. Please help. You can email me

    2. Looks like you did the trip the right way.

      So many people go to Ibiza and do not really experience it the right way.

      1. Thanks for the great ideas. I'll be staying near Talamanca beach and will have a car.

        I prefer beaches with zero dress code, so I figure I'll be going to Es Cavallet and Aguas Blancas.

        From what I'ver read about San Antonio, yes, it sounds like a must to avoid. Ibiza Town seems to have much of interest, and I figure I could walk there from Talamanca if parking is too much of a hassle.

        Do you have any Formentera day-trip suggestions?
        Thanks again.

        1. Es Cavallet fyi is also the "gay" beach. If you stay near the near end where the restaurant is it is "straighter", that is unless the other end is more your style. (Tries to avoid foot in mouth. ;-)) Never been to Aguas Blancas. The beaches on the far side of the island are more family oriented. More like small coves. Aguas Blancas is over there so it should be nice.

          The island is actually pretty big. I suggest driving across it at least once. The Hippie scene has moved to the far end toward Portinatx. Here is a list of the Hippie markets:

          I used to do the Ferry for the day to Formentera, but have not done it in years. We used to go years ago and pay a taxi to pick us up at the end of the day to go back to the last ferry and they would be waiting on time. It was all very relaxed. Somewhere along the way they started boat trips there and huge numbers of people would crowd the beaches. They sould literally pull up and people would jumpoff and swim to shore. So it lost its appeal to me. The far end is probably still good.

          Ibiza town has all of the shopping and tons of bars and restaurants. The pre-club scene is something to be witnessed. The old town is cool too.

          There is a ton of information available online.

          1. You can rent a car or scooter for the day on Formentera, which I recommend, especially if you are going during the season or a holiday and want to make sure to find a quiet beach. Most beaches have little chiringuitos (beach bars) that serve fresh local fish. Campsa (Spain's Michelin) lists three restaurants: El Pirata, El Tanga, and Juan y Andrea--this last one is supposed to have excellent paellas and other rice dishes.

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              I used to meet some very wealthy Spainards on Formentera for paella. They used to come by yacht.

              It was on Playa Illetas. They considered it first class.