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Aug 9, 2006 10:22 PM

Scott's on Audley - Has It Reopened?

I have dined at Scott's on Audley, Mayfair, London, on several occassions, but the last two times that I was there, it was closed. "Refurbishment," was stated on the signage. Some folk at the Audley Pub indicated that they believed that it would not reopen, and the signs were just there for creditors.

Does anybody have any info on Scott's.

Much appreciated, as we'll be in London in Oct.


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  1. I was last in London September 2005. Scott's was still closed and a look through the windows revealed a lot of accumulated dust. London friends have told me they believe it is permanently out of business. I fondly remember it, but its been about 4 years now since it was last serving.

    1. The old Scotts is no more, but it has been bought by Caprice Holdings who own The Ivy etc

      The website says it is due to reopen in november 2006.

      My only meal at the old place was a hugely tired affair. If this is anywhere to the standards of J Sheekey, it will be a great improvement


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      1. re: Simon Majumdar

        Thanks for the link, and to both posters, for the info. On my last few trips to London, it did appear to be closed for good.

        Fortunately, for me, all of the meals that I had at the "old" Scott's, were excellent. Having grown up in New Orleans (LA, US), I consider myself knowledgable regarding seafood. Each visit was filled with good food, top-notch service and fine wine at fair (London "fair" <G>) prices. All of our guests were equally impressed and most of these were either Londoners or US guests, who travel and dine well.

        OK, enough of the laments and rememberences. I got nipped on another board for doing the same.

        I'll be in London/Mayfair in Oct, and will check on disposition of the property. If it IS going to open in Nov, there should be signs by Oct.

        I am not familiar with The Caprice Group's other restaurants. Does anyone have feedback on how well they do things, at say, The Ivy, Daphne's?

        Again, thanks for the link and updates,

      2. A lot of people like the Ivy. Personally, the booking policy leaves me cold and it is only worth going to if you are turned on by celeb spotting

        I love J Sheekey and think it is one of the best places for fish in London. I would recommend it to any visitor ( book well in advance ). If you enjoyed Scott's of old, you should certainly try Sheekey's. Start with Potted shrimp. Follow with the turbot for two and finish with one of the puddings or the iced berries with the hot white chocolate sauce and wash it down with a good Sancerre. Few things better


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        1. re: Simon Majumdar

          I'm not sure that I follow the part about Ivy's booking policy. Also, I find that celebrities in the restaurant, where I am dining are an unnecessary distraction, unless they are paying my fare.

          I'll try for J Sheekey's for our Oct trip. I greatly appreciate the rec. Not sure what to expect with "Potted Shrimp," but look forward to it - remember, I'm a daft yank from across the pond.

          I also take it from your post, that the wine list is very well-suited for the meals. To me, that is a major plus. I love the array of FR wines, that are readily available in the UK. We get far fewer in the US. I feel that the prices are fair, but then I pretend that the £'s are just $'s and let American Express sort it out. Besides, if one wants cheap dining, then London is probably off-limits to begin with.

          Appreciate the comments - off to Sheekey's for reservations!


          1. re: Simon Majumdar

            Again, thanks for your recs. I just confirmed J Sheekey's for my second-choice night. Unfortunately, first-choice was a bit on the late side, as we will have flown all night, and dinner starting at 10:30PM GMT seemed like a proposition finding us both asleep in our soup! Being from New Orleans, we usualy dine on a more "European" schedule, but not after a trans-Atlantic over-the-pole flight. As stated, the reservations were a bit of a struggle, buy the person, with whom I dealt, was extremely helpful. Maybe telling him that I was William Hurt (the actor) and that Linda Hunt (the actress) would be dining with me, helped. (No, just joking, they were extremely helpful for a poor daft yank on the OTHER side of the pond.)

            I'll do a report on Sheekey and try and press the staff for more details on the Scott's property.

            Your input is greatly appreciated.


          2. The Ivy is a trad "celeb" hangout and is VERY difficult to get a table. they run a two tier booking system. One for the likes of you and me ( well me anyway ) and one for those who may have appeared on TV or screen. I find that kind of system unpalatable and the food at The Ivy is not special enough to warrant the grief to get a table.

            Sheekey also attracts celebs but does not have the same attitude to bookings. Book well in advance though as it is very popular

            Potted shrimp is small brown shrimp ( Morcambe Bay, I think ) sauteed off in clarified butter ( with some spices - when I make it I use mace ) and then put in ramekins to set. it is spread on crisp brown toast and is delicious as a starter.

            The wine list is excellent. I often have an albarino, but the French list is their main strength.



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            1. re: Simon Majumdar

              Thank you for the clarifications.

              Greatly appreciated,