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Aug 9, 2006 09:42 PM

Taylor Ham

I am seeing an ad for a topic about Taylor Ham but can not find it on the Mid-Atlantic boards as it suggests. Where is it? Search isn't helping either...

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  1. I don't think that text is referring to a specific thread, just something "Jersey-centric" to advertise the board.

    But, if you're looking for info or threads about Taylor Ham (a brand name), you'll find a number of threads, if you search for it under the generic "pork roll" name, both here and on the Tri-State board (which covers the NYC metro area and so many "North Jersey" posts wind up there).

    1. The only Taylor Ham I ever heard of is from the state of New Jersey...My Mom is originally from there and orders it online from a company called Pork Roll Xpress. We have been in Kentucky for several years and never once saw it in a store here.

      JessKidden is right ..There are several threads for Taylor Ham. Believe me I know...I had to do the searchin when Mom moved down here.

      1. I was born & raised in NJ but moved to North Carolina after I married. Everytime someone comes down for a visit or we go up to Jersey we always get pork roll. Can't seem to find it anywhere else. It's the best too!

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          My grandmother moved to WV years ago and whenever the family still living in NJ goes down for a visit we have to make sure we pack a porkroll in our luggage.

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            My sister and I run a Web site,, where you can get Taylor Ham, TastyKakes and other NJ treats.

          2. That's so funny. When you are in New Jersey, it's hard to imagine that something you can find here wouldn't be available in another state. Don't they know what they are missing?! hahaha.


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              About a year ago I discovered a local grocer who carries Taylor ham. (Every time I take a bite, I feel like I'm back at Rutgers.) Once, someone saw me grab a roll out of the case and asked, "Are you from New Jersey?" She was from Philly. She knew.

              Another NJ delight that doesn't exist in the Chicago area is a veal parm sub, which was my all-time favorite comfort food.

              What they do out here to a hot dog is bizarre. And I don't get the appeal of 'Italian Beef' sandwiches. A great bagel is hard to find, as is a good Italian sandwich shop. And Portuguese rolls don't exist out here.

              I LOVE deep-dish pizza. Forget about the 'thin-crust' we all know and love -- you won't find anything noteworthy here. In fact, they don't even cut those pizzas in slices (they're served in tiny squares!!)

              Otherwise, the Chicago area is wonderful for those who love their food.

              1. re: ML in Naperville IL

                What's the name and location of the store where you found Taylor Ham? We're transplants from NJ and would love to get our "fix" in every once in a while! Thanks in advance for the info!!

            2. I travel to the Jersey Shore fairly often to visit my parents, Mom has Alzheimers). Since I have successfully "Jerseyized" my kids I usually bring back a roll or two of Tayolr Ham or Trenton porkroll. If you would be interested in me getting some for you I would be glad to (I'm looking to defray my travels costs a little bit and would probably add a couple of bucks to the price for gas).