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Aug 9, 2006 09:20 PM

Need help from any Tulsa, OK hounds out there!

The moderators suggested using the Southwest board, but through much yucky searching, I think the South board is getting more posts from Oklahoma! Here is my original post from the SW board:

My future MIL is going to be spending 6- 8 weeks in Tulsa on business, and we may be going down there for at least a weekend to keep her company. I've pinpointed The Polo Grill, Stonehorse Cafe and Market, and Kokoa to try, but I need lots of other recs! She pretty much does it all... a great cheeseburger joint, a greasy spoon diner for breakfast, a great ice cream place, traditional Mexican, etc., etc. I really appreciate any help you can give and do promise to report back! It's a long time, so I'm sure she will need lots of ideas. Also, does Stonehorse happen to have a website that I'm just not able to find? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Check out these posts I made. Tulsa's always been on the South board -- God knows why, we have cowboys, Indians, fights over water rights, etc, just like the rest of the Southwest. Though the cooking is mostly Southern. (on Stonehorse and also many other Tulsa recommendations


    Also check out my post on Tulsa food landmarks.
    and Tulsa barbecue

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      Thanks Brian S! I had found the Stonehorse post and the barbeque post, but not the landmark post, so I appreciate it!

    2. not sure if i've reached you in time...

      tell the MIL there's a good english pub at S.'s called the white lion.

      the Palace Cafe on the corner of 15th & Peoria has a good brunch.

      a local must is the Brook on's an old movie theatre...not high cuisine by any means.

      now through Oct there is a Saturday morning farmer's market at Cherry Street.

      best italian food in Tulsa is Tucci's on 15th.


      1. A couple of places that I might add are R Bistro at Yale and 71st. The best New Orleans style (Not cajun, but Creole) food in town. For Italian, besides Tucci's (Doug, the bartender is a real trip) I recommend Dallesandros on S Boston at 18th. The wine bar next door, Vintage is a great place to start. La Hacienda on S Peoria for Mexican. Kokoa Chocolatier for desserts and also for lunch now. Ron's hamburgers are a must. And the best chicken fried steak in town is at Caz's Chowhouse over in the Brady district.

        1. Although we usually end up at Cancun (just posted about it on the southwest...or Midwest, or wherever..705 S. Lewis Ave.
          Tulsa, OK 74104... for our very favorite Tulsa Mexican, La Hacienda is good too.

          But lately I've been getting cravings for the fish and chips at the Brook. You're Right that is isn't high cuisine, but if you want something that is fried, they do it right - not greasy, just good and super-dependable.

          I like Tucci's also, and and old-time Tulsa Italian place is "Mary's" almost across the street.

          For a group we have enjoyed Lola's for tapas next to the Brady and Cain's. Lolas is just right for before a concert, if Caz's is closed (as happened last time). For a smaller meal, Lolas has a delicious little pizza with Romescu sauce for dipping and a salad with maytag blue cheese dressing that I looove.

          Our favorite very plain and somewhat odd little summertime bar has become the Blue Dome, or at least the little vine-covered porch beside it.

          1. hi
            i was born and raised in tulsa, so i'll tell you what i can. most of my recs will be well-priced bc im a student. i moved away about a year ago. good mexican: try senor tequila's. there are 2 locations. also, the east side of tulsa is known as "little mexico," so go there for trad. mexican.
            a good cafe is double shot. its at 18th and boston. good coffee and fair trade...cant beat it. next door are 2 good establishments: delassandros italian (huge portions and yummy, though not super authentic italian.) and a nice wine bar with great cocktails called 1714 or something...the address.
            greasy spoons- brookside by day is a regulars joint with trad. breakfast and a quirky staff...i used to work there, i would know. also, a more upscale, but yummy option is the wild fork in utica square. they're good for all meals and queenie's is a nice cafe for light breakfast, lunch and dinner.
            cheeseburgers...where do i begin? everyone has an opinion, but webers and claudes and rons are on brookside and are local favorites.

            ill write more later, im on the road and paying for internet.