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Aug 9, 2006 09:00 PM

Sushi in Park Slope or South Slope?

I've tried Tamari and liked it.

Blue Ribbon looks too pricey.

Anyone tried Kiku?

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  1. Taro Sushi on Dean off 5th is really good and a favorite on this board. Yamato on 7th is also pretty good too.

    1. Nana on 5th is my favorite. They've also got some great bar-only deals that are a real bargain.

      1. geido on flatbush and 7th is very tasty, well priced and fun atmosphere.

        1. Kiku is great, but the presentation is a bit too artsy. Two locations in Park Slope.

          Just went to Geido, very crowded, great sushi, eat at the bar.

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          1. re: Pryncezzsarah

            I think great is quite an exaggeration. They make sushi -- let's leave it at that.

          2. I regularly order takeout from Kiku. The lunch specials are a great value on weekend afternoons. I've never had a problem with the sushi/sashimi. The Peanut/Avocado roll rules.

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            1. re: Ralphus

              I agree! This place is fantastic with great attentive service and the fish always seems to be super fresh!

              1. re: Ralphus

                Second! I've had takeout and eat-in with Kiku, and I've enjoyed both. It's pretty non-traditional as sushi goes, but the fish is fresh and the combinations are delicious.