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Best soy milk?

I want to start drinking soymilk instead of regular lowfat milk. What kind is the best?

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    1. Where do you live? In SD at 99Ranch and other Asian markets, soymilk is made and delivered fresh and hot daily by Lifesoy.

      1. I can wholeheartedly reccomend Silk soy milk. I work in university food service, and Silk is THE one the students prefer. It also contains no artificial ingredients like some of the others.

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          Second that. Silk is one of the least "chalky". Try 8th Continent too and West Soy.
          I prefer "shelf-stable" over refrigerated only for convenience and I don't have to worry about consuming it immediately. I can't comment if there's any difference in taste.

          Silk: http://www.silksoymilk.com/Products.aspx

          West Soy: http://www.westsoy.biz/products/index...

          8th Continent: http://www.8thcontinent.com/our_soymi...

          These are all pretty good and readily available at most supermarkets.
          There's no need to venture to any health food stores, unless you want to, and once there, you'll find a whole world of products.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried Silk this week (the unsweetened, refrigerated kind), and I like it a lot. But I think I'm going to gradually sample all the different kinds mentioned until I have established my personal favorite. :)

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              I put Silk (plain) on my cereal everyday. I've tried others and like this one the best so far.

            2. The fiance and I prefer the 8th Continent to the Silk...

              We accidentally picked up a "light" version last time and liked that even more. It's been suggested that watering down the normal will give it the same thing.... half the calories, half the sugar, half the fat.

              Kind of like the "low carb" cranberry juice! LOL!

              1. Old post, but as I drink about a gallon of soymilk a day, I thought I'd respond.
                I too love the 8th Continent light in vanilla. The chocolate is delicious as well. Soy slender is also really delicious and very light, but it still manages to be creamy. I've grown out of silk because I feel it's kind of watery.

                1. I personally like Edensoy Organic Plain the best.

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                    Silk in the US....Alpro in Europe....that is if you like the "western" taste....i.e. not beany....

                  2. I like West Soy, usually plain and occasionally vanilla. Most of the time I buy WestSoy Plus which feels "thicker" to me. I tried Silk once and thought it had less flavor but wasn't bad.

                    1. I'm a Vitasoy Light Original girl.

                      1. my favorite brand is sold in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods.
                        it is the 365 ORIGINAL brand of ORGANIC soymilk,
                        do NOT get the 365 Light Original which comes in an almost identical box.

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                          Since we are talking soy...the best tasting soy products (drinks/puddings/"cream") I every tried (and I am not big on soy) were made by Alpro (Belgian company). At one point few years back you could buy their soy puddings at TJ and Whole Foods...not sure if they still export to the US. Long story short their stuff had amazing taste with no hint of soy....way "better" than Silk....

                        2. My weakness is the Silk eggnog that at least in my area is only around during the holidays. It makes an amazing soy eggnog latte.

                          1. I know this is an old thread, but I thought I'd add my two cents worth.

                            Lactaid does nothing for me, so I've been using soy milk in the shelf-stable package. All of the refrigerated ones come in half-gallons, which is too much for me to use in a reasonable amount of time.

                            What matters to my body is protein vs. sugars. After reading all of the labels on all of the shelf-stable boxes of milk alternatives, I found Westsoy Unsweetened to work the best for me. It has 1 g of sugar and 9 g of protein per serving. I've used it in place of milk in all sorts of recipes and it works and tastes great! I haven't had a glass of it plain, since I got out of that habit when I had to give up milk, so some day I'll try that.

                            1. Asian or Chinese markets have soy milk usually daily. They come in sugared and sugarless varieties. There's also Vitasoy which is a soy drink, has a nice sweetness to it, but I wouldn't recommend it for frequent consumption due to the sugar content.

                              1. I like Trader Joe's brand. I use the light version for protein shakes and cereal, and the regular one for drinking and it tastes very good. I used to enjoy the 8th Continent version over Silk, but I prefer TJs to both of the others.

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                                  Sort of agree. That is, among all the brands, I go with TJ's. But, the only way I drink soy milk is if it's heavily flavored, preferably with chocolate (of course sweetened). Drinking plain or vanilla... Not happening again.

                                  I wasn't aware of a light version. I just remember a regular one and one with more protein.

                                2. I know that this is an old discussion, but I am surprised at all the love for Silk and 8th Continent... I think those brands are both awful and artificial tasting...
                                  If a coffee place uses Silk, I can tell (if I get a latte, I can taste it).... fortunately most of my favorite coffee places use Pacific Soy
                                  My favorite brand is Wild Wood at the moment; although whole food's brand works if they are out of Wild Wood... (btw, I buy unsweetened only)