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Sep 21, 2004 05:15 PM

Kyoho Grapes

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Upon moving to the Bay Area, I was excited to find Kyoho grapes at various stores. The last I found were at the Berkeley Bowl. They were ~2.60/lb and pretty good--although a bit on the small side.
I realize the season is soon ending, but does anyone know where I can get some good kyoho grapes? And are they always marketted as "kyoho" or are there other names? I saw some that looked like kyohos, but were called "CA table grapes." Thanks!

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  1. see page below, we had discussion on where to get kyoho grapes. apparently this year is not a good year.

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      Thanks for the responses! Eugene Market on 14th and Webster in downtown Oakland had some too--altho, they were not selling by the individual basket and I couldn't schlep around an entire case today...Will return tomorrow.

    2. i don't know where you live, but the vallergas markets and browns valley market in napa have them. they look good. rich

      1. Just ate another half a pound - super sweet and delicious. It's actually a 5 lb box for $13, so I guess it's not that expensive. The biggest ones are over 1 inch in diameter.

        The box says Kyoho Grapes, California Table Grapes. And it also lists Quality Growers, Sanger, CA on the side. They don't have the green plastic baskets inside like the ones sold at Korean stores, which are smaller and less sweet.


        1. I work in Pleasanton CA and the local Ranch 99 there (Asian supermarket chain currently carries them. It is pre packaged in their little clear plastic carrier like the strawberries. they are on sale for 14.4 ounce pack for 1.50 (two for 3 dollars) I am assuming that they carry them in all or most of their store

          Not sure where you live but if you are in the SF Area, the closest one will be the Ranch 99 by Westlake in Daly City. You can take a look at their website for th store locator.

          Good luck!

          1. $3.99 per small box (quite generous size) at Suruki Japanese supermarket in San Mateo. The Marina Foods supermarket nearby sells them by the box and individual small boxes as well, but they appear to be in generally sadder shape. Also try Nijiya Supermarket.

            The trick is to eat them quickly while they are still firm. Once they start to sag and soften, the sugar content is a bit too high for good enjoyment (unless you plan to make juice with it).