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Going to Chicago and people have recommended Lawry's for Prime Rib

Friends have told me this is a must go to. What are your thoughts?. We only have a few day's in the city and want to do places I can find in the Twin Cities MN. Promised my husband great prime rib

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  1. My husband and I have always enjoyed our meals at Lawry's. I love that they serve Yorkshire pudding with the prime rib, and I even enjoy the creamed spinach, despite the fact that it's made with Lawry's seasoning powder in it, which makes it taste a bit erzatz.

    Until recently, well-known Chicago chef Jackie Shen presided over their kitchen, and they still do her famous "chocolate bag" dessert, which should not be missed (one is enough for two people - it's that rich). I would say, "go, and enjoy."

    1. This is one of the few restaurants in Chicago that I would shout from the rooftop "Don't Go!!" My whole party was disappointed. I had heard all the great things and was prepared to have a great prime rib but the whole experience was a disappointment. The waitresses wore tacky, 1970ish cocktail uniforms, the spinach was poor, the sides were OK but not great and the prime rib was so-so. None of us could figure out the reputation. It seemed like everyone was on an expense account-maybe that made the food taste better. I have never been so disappointed in a restaurant.

      1. It's been years since I've been to Lawry's, but I think that it remains a good choice for prime rib (and prime rib alone). In fact, I don't think that they have much on the menu besides prime rib. Also, the decor and atmosphere probably are a bit dated by now.

        If you're interested in anything other than prime rib, or are a bit adventurous, you probably would be better off going to one of the many upscale steakhouses in town.

        1. I have always enjoyed my Lawry's experiences in Los Angeles...however, when in Chicago go to Gibson's or as mentioned one of the great steak palaces. Gibson's is perfection in my opinion!

          1. I'm glad you're seeking advice on this website/Chowhound. I understand the longstanding tradition of having Prime Rib at Lawry's. Unfortunately, Lawry's is past it's heyday. Chicago has great steakhouses and Lawry's isn't one of them.

            Gibsons at Bellview and Rush Street (or try Hugo's nextdoor that shares the same kitchen and is a few dollars less expensive...I think. I usually go to Hugo's.) has the perfect blend of great steak and seafood, great location in the Goldcoast, vibrant atmosphere, etc. The sidewalk seating is best for people watching. It's popular with locals, tourists, and celebs. You can't go wrong here.
            Gene & Georgetti's; an old school Chicago Steakhouse has been around for years and years, has great steak, and a lot of character.
            I was never a big fan of the Chain steakhouses like Smith & Wollensky's or Ruth Chris. Morton's, another chain, but a great one...except for the terribly sterile corporate atmosphere.
            I hear that David Burke's is great as well.

            1. I agree that the best Chicago steakhouses outshine Lawry's - but the OP has promised her hubby great prime rib. Do any of the steakhouses mentioned serve it? I think it's almost a passe cut of meat - sort of 50's-ish, because I can't recall seeing it on steakhouse menus. Any thoughts?

              1. The Saloon Steakhouse has prime rib on its menu, and I highly recommend it (the restaurant, not necessarily the prime rib -- never had it). Gibson's, Hugo's and Keefer's do not have prime rib on their menus.

                Saloon Steakhouse
                200 E. Chestnut
                Chicago, IL

                1. I like the prime rib at Chophouse. Sort of a "business" atmosphere, but sitting downstairs in the bar area is a good time. The prime rib special with a side of perch is enough to make for a great evening. You can share the larger cut of prime rib as well.

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                    I think that the Chophouse serves the best steak around but I like the appetizers, sides, and atmosphere at Hugo's or Gibsons far better. If prime rib is what you're looking for then, sacrifice great atmosphere for prime rib at Chophouse. Hugo's has the whole package but no prime rib.

                  2. I would go. We have been going there since I was a kid with my family and have never had a bad meal. The spinning salad always entertains me and I love their yorkshire pudding.

                    1. You might want to try Lawry's for lunch. Considering the location it's reasonable, and altho you'd want to concentrate on the hand-carved sandwiches at that time of the day, you'd get a sense of the place and still have a chance to experiment with more interesting places for dinner. (Lawry's is very "Old School" if that's what you're looking for.)

                      1. How does your hubby like his prime rib? Flapping on the plate still or does he prefer it more on the medium well to well done side? We haven't been there in over a year but love it for the prime rib. My husband will eat it rare to medium rare where as I'll go medium (but only there-usually I'm a medium well person)

                        But I'm definately a proponent of eating at places for lunch but prime rib for lunch seems heavy to me. I don't remember being overly impressed with the deserts but I'm a desert snob. I have heard wonderful things about Gibsons and there deserts but haven't been there personally.

                        1. Might I suggest that you try the Erie Cafe for prime rib? It's a little out of the way, and has got a very low-key atmosphere, but on Friday and Saturday nights they serve a prime rib that must be made from a brontosaurus. Huge. And delicious. It's not as hectic an atmosphere as the other places mentioned, but the prime rib is scrumptious.

                          1. It's been years since I went, but I still remember that they had these custom made carts that carried numerous prime ribs - you could ask for virtually any combination of doneness and location and they would find one for you (e.g., rare end piece with lots of cap). That made it special. Other places probably have better steak and sides, but I cannot imagine a place that would have more choices of just plain old prime rib.

                            I also remember the real old Chicago steak house fittings - high ceilings, brass railings. They had a funny salad spinner that looked like a Japanese toy top, but it really saturated the salad with the dressing.

                            Get a single malt a the bar, mosey on to a table and have them bring the cart over.

                            1. Wanted to let you all know that we went this last weekend and WOW. Not only was it good food but the service and little touches made the night. Thank you all

                              1. FYI - Just went to Gene and Georgetti's for lunch on Saturday. I had the prime rib, it was on the bone and delicious. Others in my party had steaks which were good but they were jealous of my prime rib which was excellent. I would go back but would order only the prime rib - it was that good.