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Aug 9, 2006 07:20 PM

Vashon Island Eats

Am looking for breakfast and lunch spots for a day trip to Vashon next week. Previous posts have recommended Bob's Bakery, Sound Food, Ferrara, Fred's Homegrown, and Stray Dog Cafe. Any others or favorites out of these ones?

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  1. Ferrara's is in the space where the Stray Dog used to be. Fred's is renamed The Homegrown. Bob's is a bakery with no seating. There are also several burger places, a Subway, The Green Ginger (Chinese), Wok In (Asian), La Playa (Mexican), The Hardware Store and Bishop's.

    At the moment, The Hardware Store and The Homegrown are your best choices for breakfast. They are right across the street from each other. Both of them are also OK for lunch and there is a new Macrina that is a good place to get lunch to go.

    Ferrara's is by far the best place on the Island, but I'm not sure that they serve lunch. Express Cuisine was sold and will re-open later as The Gusto Girls and should be really good because the new owners have a fantastic catering business.

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      thanks for the details. i love the macrina in seattle so that may be a good place for a lunch picnic. have you heard anything about Sound Food for lunch/dinner? A colleague mentioned them the other day but said that they are under new ownership. thanks!

    2. I've only been there for dinner. The new owners have been there about three years, so they have had plenty of time to make their mark. I think it is a little expensive for dinner, but good. It is quite popular.

      1. If taking the ferry from West Seattle, you might want to go early for breakfast at Endolyne Joes near the ferry. Good diner style eats for a good price.