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Aug 9, 2006 07:19 PM

Bringing Food for Temporarily Housebound Son-in-Law

Hi everyone,

My son-in-law is laid up with a broken ankle. I want to bring food to him and my daughter this weekend that will provide them with something nice to have for dinners and snacks, as well as for some lunches for him when my daughter's at work. I'm looking for food that I can bring down all prepared, and that they can eat at room temp or warm up, or freeze. They eat fish; no meat. Not into pasta, beans or rice. They like tangy, moderately spicy food. So far, I'm bringing tapenade, a tomato and cheese tart from epicurious, tuna salad, a marinated red and yellow pepper salad, and marinated carrot sticks, as well as bar cookies. I'm thinking about adding a vegetarian curry or a vegetable casserole-like item. Any ideas?



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  1. I just read a post on my girlie board about a girl who recently broke her ankle and was laid up for a few weeks. She tried on her wedding dress (her wedding is in 3 weeks) and she could not zip it up!! Ack!!!

    So my suggestion, especially since it's summer, keep it light and fresh. I think one great addition is anything with Shrimp, a salad with grilled would be great! :)

    In line with the veggies, I adore sesame green beans. Great cold as well as warm.

    Hope things he heels up quickly! :)