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Aug 9, 2006 07:12 PM

best guilty pleasure- Chili's!? [Moved from Outer Boroughs Board]

Yes things are slow at work.

I went to Chili's the other day (there's one in SI), and had the best meal- chili con queso with tortilla chips for a starter and for the entree- margarita grilled chilcekn with rice and black beans. I had it with a frozen magerita. It was really, really tasty. In fact I go there about once every six months and always get the same thing. Give it a shot- it won't disappoint. Anyone else have anything similiar they would reccommend? A place that a foodie wouldn't dare entertain going to- but yet has something great on the menu?

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  1. Southwest Eggroll Appitzer, yummmm

    1. Buffalo Chicken Salad....I love it.

      1. I must admit that every so often I have a very bad craving for Chili's Chicken Fried Steak, washed down with a whiskey cocktail. Can't explain it, but it really hits the spot.

        1. I also must admit Im a fan of their boneless buffalo wings. Very tender, and very flavorful. If only some of my favorite bars made wings like that.