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Aug 9, 2006 07:10 PM

Best **wedding cake** in Boston

Don't know if any of you have info. on this kind of stuff, but being a lover of food, I of course want my wedding cake to be fantastic!! Any ideas or tips?

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  1. Look into Pieces Pastries in Natick. John makes beautiful wedding cakes, and although I've never tried them, his other stuff is wonderful.

    1. Mine came from Rosie's in Chestnut Hill. It was amazing.

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        I called them - unfortunately, they don't deliver to RI (where I'm having my reception). Bummer!!

      2. We had a tasting at Rosie's, and they were so nice and accommodating - they had us pre-select the type of cake we wanted to taste and actually made us a little tiny cake in that flavor! On the other hand, that kind of limited our "playing the field" tasting-wise. But the killer was that for all their reputation for all-butter decadence, we found the buttercream icing too shortening-y.

        We went with Konditor Meister in Braintree ( ) - the place where I worked at the time used them often for special-event cakes, so I was already familiar with their basic style. We had another really nice tasting session with the opportunity to try a LOT of different varieties of delicious cakes. They'll do different layers in different flavors - we ended up with both the strawberry-Grand Marnier and the lemon citron torte.

        I'm more than happy with the wedding that we had and with the spouse that I've got, but some one of these days I hope I'll have another excuse for a big special-occasion cake. (Guess I'll have to plan an anniversary party - #5 is next May!) I get serious cravings for Konditor Meister cake, but Braintree's a long way out of our way, especially since we gave up the car...

        1. Here's the place that did my best friend's wedding cake (they're in Falmouth):

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            The pastry chef at delicious desserts recently competed in a Food Network Challenge. Finished 2nd, for what it's worth.

            More importantly, she did some Amazing (capital "A") jam-filled cupcakes in a cool, special request design for a friend's 30th birthday.

          2. Cakes To Remember
            (617) 738-8508
            248 Cypress St, Brookline, MA 02445

            they are the "fancy" cake maker in Boston. Pricy, but excellent.

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              We used Cakes to Remember for for our wedding and they were fantastic. The cake was delicious - we are all about food and a great tasting cake was important to us. We also had a very funky design in mind (think mad hatter - fanciful colors and looking like it's toppling over) and she executed it flawlessly. People STILL (6 years later) comment on how great looking and tasting our cake was.

              1. re: gansu girl

                I absolutely rave about Cakes to Remember. Ellen was terrific - the cake was to die for. I wish I had skipped the whole dinner and just eaten cake. She can make whatever design, color scheme, size you need and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.