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Best **wedding cake** in Boston

Don't know if any of you have info. on this kind of stuff, but being a lover of food, I of course want my wedding cake to be fantastic!! Any ideas or tips?

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  1. Look into Pieces Pastries in Natick. John makes beautiful wedding cakes, and although I've never tried them, his other stuff is wonderful.

    1. Mine came from Rosie's in Chestnut Hill. It was amazing.

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        I called them - unfortunately, they don't deliver to RI (where I'm having my reception). Bummer!!

      2. We had a tasting at Rosie's, and they were so nice and accommodating - they had us pre-select the type of cake we wanted to taste and actually made us a little tiny cake in that flavor! On the other hand, that kind of limited our "playing the field" tasting-wise. But the killer was that for all their reputation for all-butter decadence, we found the buttercream icing too shortening-y.

        We went with Konditor Meister in Braintree (http://www.konditormeister.com/ ) - the place where I worked at the time used them often for special-event cakes, so I was already familiar with their basic style. We had another really nice tasting session with the opportunity to try a LOT of different varieties of delicious cakes. They'll do different layers in different flavors - we ended up with both the strawberry-Grand Marnier and the lemon citron torte.

        I'm more than happy with the wedding that we had and with the spouse that I've got, but some one of these days I hope I'll have another excuse for a big special-occasion cake. (Guess I'll have to plan an anniversary party - #5 is next May!) I get serious cravings for Konditor Meister cake, but Braintree's a long way out of our way, especially since we gave up the car...

        1. Here's the place that did my best friend's wedding cake (they're in Falmouth):


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            The pastry chef at delicious desserts recently competed in a Food Network Challenge. Finished 2nd, for what it's worth.

            More importantly, she did some Amazing (capital "A") jam-filled cupcakes in a cool, special request design for a friend's 30th birthday.

          2. Cakes To Remember
            (617) 738-8508
            248 Cypress St, Brookline, MA 02445

            they are the "fancy" cake maker in Boston. Pricy, but excellent.

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              We used Cakes to Remember for for our wedding and they were fantastic. The cake was delicious - we are all about food and a great tasting cake was important to us. We also had a very funky design in mind (think mad hatter - fanciful colors and looking like it's toppling over) and she executed it flawlessly. People STILL (6 years later) comment on how great looking and tasting our cake was.

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                I absolutely rave about Cakes to Remember. Ellen was terrific - the cake was to die for. I wish I had skipped the whole dinner and just eaten cake. She can make whatever design, color scheme, size you need and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

            2. I second Konditor Meister. They did my cake and the five different flavors were amazing. Definitely go for the tasting. It was an unbelievable experience. Make sure you go hungry because it is quite filling. One note of caution: discuss how many layers you need. Our wedding package gave us an allowance for a five tier cake and my parents took home the entire second tier. Everyone at the post BBQ the next day loved the cake just as much. Have fun. Looking for the cake was my absolute favorite part of the wedding planning.

              1. Years ago when I worked in the special event industry, we were looking for a vendor to provide cakes for our wedding packages. We tried Party Favors, Konditor Meister, Maria's and The Icing on the Cake and the hands down winner was The Icing on the Cake. Nice, professional people, good designs, moist cake and a wide variety of interesting flavors. They gave a nice selection of samples- the Amaretto and Grand Marnier flavors were SO good.


                1. Make sure you really like buttercream frosting if you choose Konditormeister. It does evoke a "love it" or "hate it" reaction from people (I'm personally not a fan)-:

                  1. Vikki Lee Boyajian used to make fabulous wedding cakes at here Needham Store. She has recently re=entered the food business and I expect that she is making wedding cakes again. I think her new business is called Vikki Lees and is located in Belmont. I have several friends who had her make their cakes a number of years ago and they were terrific.

                    1. I third the recommendation of Konditor Meister (I should hope so, since I'm Allstonian's aforementioned husband), and would add that their buttercream frosting is outstanding. I too am not a particular fan of buttercream, or rather, I don't like bad buttercream. You know, that supermarket-level stuff that tastes like Crisco and powdered sugar. This is proper, buttery, flavorful buttercream.

                      1. You're getting married in RI? We got our wedding cake from Providence Wedding Cake Company (also known as Anita's Cheesecake). We had a wedding cheesecake with a different flavor on each tier, and it was SO GOOD and decorated to look just like a regular wedding cake with whipped cream, not fondant, icing. When we went to taste, they gave us a small cheesecake to take home. I highly recommend it.

                        1. thanks, everyone! I can't wait to go tasting :)

                          1. ICING ON THE CAKE in West Newton! Not only is the cake terrific, but on your first anniversary you get a free anniversary cake!

                            (Hang in there, you can make it 12 months, it's worth it for the cake!)

                            1. I got my wedding cake from Russo's in Watertown. Yes, the place everyone goes to for vegetables. They have a fantastic bakery. They were able to simulate a design by Rosie's (chocolate bamboo cake) for half the price. They did a chocolate truffle cake with dark chocolate ganache as a filling. I went to tastings at Konditormeister (yummy cake, didn't like the designs as much), Rosie's (beautiful designs, cake good but not as good as Konditormeister, plus expensive). The cake I got from Russo's was more delicious than either of those, and half the price. I can only guess they charge so little to get their name out there by word of mouth.

                              1. WHat about Party Favors, which usually wins out regularly on this board over Konditormeister and Rosie's for best fancy cakes in Boston?

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                                  Party Favors has been getting more mixed reviews of late. I find their cakes to be inconsistent, sometimes great, sometimes not.

                                2. Try www.dessertworks.net. Probably the best bakery and wedding cakes I know of.

                                  1. I was convinced I was going to go with Party Favors b/c I love their cupcakes, but when I went for my tasting they served me frozen cake. Still frozen. So I ended up going with Icing on the Cake and was very happy-- wonderful lemon velvet cake. We chose it b/c my husband said it reminded him of his grandma's lemon cake (she'd recently passed away). But then his grandfather looked at him like he was crazy and said that his grandmother had never baked a lemon cake in her life. Maybe it was just so good that he wanted to imagine his grandma made something like that?? Anyway, I'd recommend them.... but you should go taste as many as you can!

                                    1. Echoing prior posters, I'll add a rave for Konditor Meister. I used them for my own wedding, and have continued to use them since for other special occasions. They are the best-tasting wedding cakes I've ever had, and they are stunning to behold. I recently served one for a special b-day (relative's 70th), and it elicited gasps when brought out. Not cheap, but quite worth it, in my view. I've already tasted enough crappy wedding cakes to last me a lifetime.

                                      1. I have been to many weddings with beautiful and tasty cakes from Konditor Meister in Braintree, they truly taste as good as they look. Another place I like, though I've never had a weddding cake from them, is Brian's Fine Desserts in Braintree. Very high quality but less expensive than Konditor Meister. I would say overall that Konditor Meister has the "wow" factor. The cakes are gorgeous. I had them do the anniversity cake for my in-laws 50th and everybody thought it was one of the most beautiful cakes they had ever seen and I think my father-in-law ate at least 1/2 of the cake himself!

                                        1. Cafe Cakes in Watertown makes beautiful tasting cakes (love their milk tea cake, with ample Earl Grey flavour). Worth checking out.

                                          1. We got our cake from the Cake Lady (Diane Rockwell) in Lancaster, MA. Not only was the cake delicious and beautiful, but I love that she makes all of her cakes in her home kitchen. We met her in her home kitchen and she always treated us like we were the only couple she was dealing with (partially because she only does 2 weddings per weekend, I think...) Anyway, everyone RAVED about the cake.