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Aug 9, 2006 06:38 PM

Literary Works Involving Food?

I teach Freshman Composition at a community college and I am a full-on Chowhound. I want to put the two together by having my students write about food. I'm good on the expository paper, and on the research paper, but we do a literary analysis paper and I'm drawing a blank on literary works (short fiction) that involve food. Any ideas? Again, short fiction would be best. Thanks!

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  1. Anthony Bourdain's Bobby Gold stories, including "Bone in the Throat" and "Gone Bamboo".

    1. Offhand, I can't think of any short fiction, but if you're willing to consider full-length novels, there's always "Like Water For Chocolate."

      I also loved Timothy Taylor's novel "Stanley Park", about a high-end chef in Vancouver and his conflicted relation with his hippie anthropologist father. It got a lot of buzz in Canada when it came out a few years back, but has been, IMHO, sadly ignored in the US. Definitely worth checking out, if not for your class, for your own enjoyment.

      Good luck with your search!

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        Good one, Piglet! As a Canadian I am so proud that book is one of ours. Definitely the best recent serious literature that has the restaurant biz as topic.

        It was Taylor's first book and was nominated for Canada's fiction award, The Giller Prize. It is lengthy, but a very quick and easy read.

      2. "A Moveable Feast" is a fairly quick read.

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          Or, "Across the River and Into the Trees." That man loved to eat. I have the Hemingway Cookbook, what a great read. Haven't tried the recipes yet, though.

        2. Some of Murakami's short stories have a lot of eating and/or cooking.

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            Another Japanese writer, Banana Yoshimoto (what a name!) writes short stories and novels often about food. Kitchen is the name of her book with the most about food, and it's a very short novel.

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                LOVED Kitchen as well. I remember wishing that it was longer.

          2. I have always very much enjoyed "A Christmas Memory" by Truman Capote.

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              Yes again! Is this the one about getting moonshine with his grandmother for the xmas fruitcakes?