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Does anyone go out to eat with their own Hot Sauce? [moved from General Topics]

Do any of you chowhounds bring your favorite hot sauce with you when you go out to eat. I got tired of asking for hot sauce and then receiving a bottle of tabasco sauce, so I started bringing my own favorites with me. My local breakfast joint keeps my bottle in their cooler for me so I don't have to carry it there, but depending on where we go to eat, I have a few bottles that I'll travel with if the need arises. Am I alone?

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  1. As Tabasco is exactly what I would take with me, I'm only marginally sympathetic...still, as the Tabasco people will sell you a special belt holster for carrying your own, there is obviously precedent for doing such a thing. If you got one of those and put a bottle of your favored brand in there instead, I don't think they'd come looking for you...

    1. My Korean mother carries around a little tube of Korean hot pepper paste when she's traveling outside Korea, and when she's really desperate, she'll squeeze some directly onto her tongue.

      1. I'm not opposed to Tabasco brand, it's just not a flavor I prefer...but if you ever see me wearing a hot sauce holster, you have permission to shoot me.

        1. After having a pulled pork sandwich at a local place where the meat was very good but the sauce was an overly sweet gloppy mess I will order the sandwich with no sauce and take my own with me.

          1. Yes, Lotties is always in my car as I live in the home (NC) of Texas Pete which is red colored nothing and must be given away free as it is EVERYWHERE.

            1. For me it's not so much about my "favorite hot sauce" as it is "being in posession of some sort of hot sauce" in that I will swipe a few extra hot sauce packets when I'm at Popeye's to keep in my purse for blandmergencies.

              I've brought a small jar of Sriacha for dim sum before, but I try (try) to be discreet about it.

              1. At one Vietnamese sandwich place (K's) in SD they have packets of sriracha...I always take extra....

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                  See, packets--thats smart. I ALWAYS thought there was a reason for my mother taking extra packets of things (hot sauce, ketchup...). Should have a couple for backup purposes!

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                    I should mention that my most recent "harvest" of hot sauce packets from Popeye's just exploded in my purse. It took me 20 minutes to get all of it off my makeup, wallet, cards... <LOL>

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                      How funny that this came up... I've been going to my breakfast place for a while and they know to give me a lemon for my potatoes, but I always just splashed on the Tapatio before leaving with my takeout breakfast. Then yesterday the owner said, "Wouldn't it be easier to take some packets instead?"

                      Who knew Tapatio came in packets?? Now I'm armed.

                2. No, you are not alone!

                  If I get dragged away to some dumbed-down gringoized Mexican Chain place, then I'll bring something to liven their Salsa up.

                  1. I've been to vacation resorts patronized by Germans and a lot of them would bring their own leaf tea that they would brew at breakfast. I always thought that was, well, very German. And I'm half German.

                    1. When I lived in Texas, I saw some VERY wealthy women--oilmen's wives, take small bottles of Tabsco out of their purses at fancy restaurants....they even had sterling silver holders for these tiny bottles of the sauce.

                      1. Not only do I travel with hot sauce, there is ALWAYS a lime rolling around in the bottom of my bag for blandemergencies!!!!!

                        1. I always carry of Cajun Power (garlic) Sauce which is produced out of Opelousas, LA.


                          It goes great with fried chicken and catfish.

                          1. A friend of a friend used to bring Tabasco with her to the movies to put on popcorn....

                            Personally, I don't carry any with me because I will probably forget about it and it'll eventually remind me when spilled it my purse....

                            1. I understand completely Infomaniac, and I applaud your proactivity. I hate how this won’t be possible any more on a plane. I mean please, Tabasco is a long way from the best you can do! I was disappointed to see that Kellogg’s teamed up with Tabasco on the new spicy Cheez-Its [my mass-market grocery store crackers of choice]!

                              I don’t mind if the waitstaff give me a funny look for the BYO condiment thing, but I’m susceptible to reactions of people I know. It just isn’t acceptable to bring my own salad dressing to dinner parties like it is to bring my own wine.

                              1. after reading this thread, i think i should start!!
                                i have this problem where i cannot eat chinese food without hot chili pepper oil and not all chinese restaurants have this (and hot sauce is not the same as hot oil!). i am rather embarrassed by my lil problem but have found over the years that other koreans share my problem. the only thing is, i dont think hot chili pepper oil comes in tiny packets.. and i'll probably have to carry a whole bottle..

                                1. Have Cholula will travel.