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Aug 9, 2006 06:16 PM

ISO MOST UNUSUAL restaurant in general LA county / area ... just someplace!

Entertaining some jaded foodies. Need someplace UNUSUAL. Tried Soul Food downtown, but not open. Suggestions?

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  1. hmm... define unusual? if all you know are american or chain restaurants, (insert ethnic food here) would probably be pretty unusual. if your hound name were 'jerome' or 'modernist,' you'd probably be yawning while eating barbecued aliens at a UFO crash site.

    1. ethnic is a definite yes. they're from NY if that helps. wenth through "Modernist"s huge list and ...not that it's not a great list...but they've already done some of those. will go through some of jerome's posts now tho'
      any other help is welcome!

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      1. re: cater5help

        actually just take em to langer's pastrami. and they will be humbled and immediately move to the west coast. =)

        1. re: rameniac

          Laughing, rameniac! Langer's is amazingly delicious...

      2. I don't mean to be difficult, but I hate those posts where someone is trying to please "really picky people" or "jaded foodies." If they're that jaded, we really don't feel like helping them anyway. It might help to be more specific, like, "they love Chinese food but would like to try some more "extreme" examples like the live lobster where you eat the lobster while it's still wiggling..."
        If they're from New York, they probably already think everything they have is better, so why not just take them to In and Out and call it a day?

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        1. re: Chowpatty

          .......and stop in at See's candies!

          1. re: Chowpatty

            Love it. Thanks for saying what we were all thinking Chowpatty! Jaded foodies don't seem to really enjoy the food anymore, so what's the point? And even if they've already been to some of the places on modernist's list, um, hel-lo, there's the rest of the gi-normous list to explore...

            My suggestion is to do a late-night round of all the great taco trucks in LA and points east. They don't have THAT in New York.

            1. re: Kishari

              i am so thankful that my "jaded NYC friend" thinks that the sushi served at sushi zo is superior to the sushi served served to him in manhattan.
              also, thankfully, this person has an expense account that he is happy to use at sushi zo whenever he comes out here so that i can get my fix.

          2. how about typhoon near the SM airport? their menu includes quite a few insect dishes.

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            1. re: wilafur

              And a cry grew up out of the multitude...

              "Let them eat ANTS!"

            2. How about that place where it's totally dark and blind people feed you? Is it still open?