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Aug 9, 2006 06:05 PM

Good neighborhood bars in South Pasadena

Looking for recs re: neighborhood bars in South Pasadena.


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  1. if you're looking for wine bars, i like the bar at mike & anne's on mission or the wine bar at mission wine with chris meeske. he's got wine tasting everyday and craftsman on tap, but it's more of a wine shop.

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      mission wines is great...Chris and the rest of his staff are very nice and down to earth...his dog, Bodie, is cute too

    2. I also hear that Firefly Bistro just opened a wine bar in their space. I've always enjoyed myself there. Mike & Anne's is great, too; but it's definitely a restaurant. No bar to speak of.

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        hmmm...thought there was a bar up front. thanks for the correction.

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          mike and anne's i great and they are going to expand into the adjacent space with a full bar

        2. Barkley's Restaurant & Bar, 1400 Huntington Dr @ Fremont. Updated 60's era Piano/Jazz+ Bar, good drinks & food. Live Music- call 799-0758.

          1. I like the bar at Carmine's - especially for happy hour. Great prices for great food (ex. $1.75 mozzarella sticks, $3-something for a two-topping bambino pizza (they make my favorite pizza - order it well done). Nice place to hang and watch any game you want. Also has 2 pool tables.