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Aug 9, 2006 06:03 PM

Sanaa on Atlantic Avenue

Another Middle Eastern place called Sanaa opened a couple of months ago at 193 Atlantic Avenue, right next Damascus bakery. It's owned by Yemenis. Just had a wonderful lunch there of various appetizers: baba ganoush, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, tabouleh and a huge, freshly-made flatbread. For dessert I tried fattah with honey and butter, which was awesome (although I have nothing to compare it to, since I'd never had fattah before).

By the way, the menu has hilarious spelling mistakes, such as "golf shrimp with bread crump," fish with tomatoes and "green papers" and (my favorite) selections from the "sandwich bored".

I was one of the only non-Middle Eastern people there, but the waitress spoke decent English so I didn't have any trouble asking questions and ordering.

Anyway, it's worth a try. If anyone else has tried this place, I would love to know what you thought too.

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  1. Did they have any yemeni dishes on the menu ? Were the dishes spiced in an unusual way or are they just the mideastern standards?

    1. They have a regular menu of middle eastern standards and a separate part of the menu for yemeni cuisine. I only tried it once for take-out for lunch. Had the shish kabob which lacked flavor and was lukewarm despite taking 20 minutes to be ready. To be fair, its not much for which to judge the restaurant on, but its all I tried.

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        The little section of the menu called "Yemeni traditional dishes" features various types of salta (which the waitress described as a spicy soup); two rice with meat & vegetables dishes; and fattah (both savory and sweet). Also, the bread I got was a huge flatbread, a little different from the usual pita bread, I think.

      2. FYI - Sietsema reviewed it in the appropriately named article - "Goo" - in the VV this week.,...

        1. I want to give a partial shout-out to Sanaa's lentil soup. I've had it three times, and the quality definitely varies, seemingly by time of day. Twice when I got it in the evening it was almost a thick porridge strongly spiced with pepper and peppers. It was like a Yemeni take on haleem and was amazing. I got it at lunch time once and it was soupy - closer to Waterfalls/Zaytoon's lentil soup. Not that that's bad, but the thicker version was divine.

          Also - the schwarma sandwiches - rolled up in the Yemeni pita - are also tasty, though I found the falafel to be mediocre.