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Aug 9, 2006 05:54 PM

Border Cafe is Jose Tejas!!!!

Why is Border Cafe not called Jose Tejas? It is the exact same restaurant, clearly the same menu, it even has the Tejas Chicken! I don't mean that it's similar to Jose Tejas: I mean, literally, it IS Jose Tejas, and must be part of the same franchise. Is it some attempted ruse to trick people into thinking it's not a TGIFriday's quality chain restaurant?

I'm confused.


I get it now: the New Jersey franchises simply have a different name.

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  1. "Border Cafe and Jose Tejas Restaurants offer Good Eats. Our authentic Tex-Mex & Cajun cookin' is available in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware"

    big deal

    1. Also - speaking for myself (and PUI - heh) - I had never heard of "Jose Tejas". The original Border is local - right here from Cambridge. It was good back in the day when it was one of the first places to have Tex-Mex, I haven't been back since then. And some respected 'Hounds say they still make great Margaritas. But Border was actually before Jose.

      1. Yeah, that sums up Border Cafe: great margaritas, exceedingly mediocre food. However, as a good Texas boy myself, there are times when what I WANT is really mediocre faux-Mexican food, and it's inexpensive enough.

        1. The French Quarter chicken is great. Remember to squeeze a little lemon on it.

          1. Border Cafe in Harvard Square for some reason was hugely popular in the early/mid 90's, they used to have a cop outside to handle the overflow of people, and the wait times could be outrageous I remember. I thought it was a fun place to go back then for a cheap dinner and drinks, the chips were made fresh and served warm from the fryer, and the food was ok. Can't see treking to Route 1 or any other location to eat there though.