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Ice cream in Park Slope

Where are the best places to get ice cream in Park Slope? I'd like to avoid Haagen Dazs and unusual flavors would be a plus.


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  1. In my opinion, your best bet is Uncle Louie G's - there are locations in the North Slope (7th & Union) and the South Slope (7th & 9th street). I'm a fool for their chocolate fudge brownie flavor, but there are dozens of others to choose from.

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      Uncle Louie G's is actually on Union and 5th Ave (not 7th), as well as 7th Ave and 9th St. I like their ices but haven't tried their ice cream.

    2. For some unfathomable reason (particularly given the huge kid population) there simply is no really good ice cream in Park Slope. You have to leave the neighborhood and head up to DUMBO or into Manhattan to get something beyond the pedestrian and commercial. Although Court St. Bakery in Carroll Gardens does have decent and tasty ices (RIP Monteleone's).

      1. There are two other places, aside from Louie G (which would be my first recommendation)--there's a Haagen Daaz on 7th and President (maybe Carroll? I can't remember)--but you already said you're avoiding that as an option, and Maggie Moo's, on 7th across from the grade school, b/w 1st/2nd. I've never ate there so I have no idea if they're good or not.

        1. What about Tempo Presto? They usually have several interesting flavors of gelato.

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            Yes, yes, yes! The gelato at Tempo Presto is fabulous. I had a watermelon one the other day and it was out of this world. I'm guessing they make them there.

          2. Maggie Moo's is kind of gross, it's like eating processed sugar. Haagen Dazs on 7th and President is just plain overpriced and the staff needs to take a course on customer service. Louie G's isn't anything special. I usually just stick to Tasti D Lite (unlike Haagen Daaz they do not cough on my ice cream cone) or go buy a pint of good ice cream at Union Market.

            1. Agree that Union Market has an upscale selection that, IIRC, includes the incredibly edible REED'S GINGER ICE CREAM (stick to the basic, not green tea variety) and CIAO BELLA. Bring your own spoon, temper the container and eat it right out of the pint package!

              I'd also give some consideration to the strange hybrid "HERSHEY"/Sushi place on 9th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues...very decent pistachio nut.

              TEMPO PRESTO soon arrives on 7th Avenue in the old Carvel space. Cold Stone is in Atlantic Center if you need the walk. Maggie Moo's is a chemistry wonderland but there's also a place serving Il Laboratorio Gelato someplace in brownstone Brooklyn - forgot where.

              1. one girl cookies on dean between smith & court is selling Il Laboratorio del Gelato. They usually have 4-6 flavors at a time.

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                  I second the vote for the Hershey's place on 9th Street between 5th and 6th (I love their chocolate) but come on! Haagen Dazs makes great ice cream--a triumph of mass production. Infinitely better than local players such as Uncle Louie G or new upstarts like Maggie Moo. Why deny yourself?

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                    Haagen Dazs, somewhere along the line, started using corn syrup, so I've stopped eating their product.

                2. Really? According to the ingredients listed on their chocolate, vanilla and coffee there's no corn syrup. Which flavors contain corn syrup?

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                    Those are basically the only flavors that don't use corn syrup - I know that the Strawberry does not either. Actually, nor does the deep chocolate peanut butter.

                    As for other venues, doesn't the Chocolate Room (5th Ave.) serve ice cream? Seem to recall eating a particularly delicious mint cone from them. I think it was made on the premises.

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                      Yeah, Chocolate Room's ice cream is pretty good.

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                        Chocolate Room's ice cream is awesome, I agree. I confess a preference for very plain ice cream--I prefer to put stuff on the ice cream than in it--and for the money, it's hard to get a better chocolate ice cream than Haagen Dazs, Pillsbury-owned though it is.

                        As for corn syrup, a few weeks ago I made a fantastic caramel ice cream from Claudia Fleming's book, The Last Course, and it called for a little corn syrup. I mean, it's ice cream after all--not salad dressing or spaghetti sauce.

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                          IIRC, H-D is now NESTLE-owned...the chocolate has deteriorated accordingly. If you talk to former H-D employees, they'll also tell you there's more pumped-in air these days.

                          Corn-syrup versus sugar...could it be a hot topic if
                          (A) the corn crop turns more into an ethanol fuel source.
                          (B) Fidel passes and Cuba shifts.

                  2. Just tried Lia's Ices' in Windsor Terrace last night--across the street from Farrell's-- on 16th street between 10th and 11th. We tasted nutella gelato and I was not a fan (found it banana-y) but the tiramisu and spanish bing cherry gelatos were both delicious and so was the blood orange sorbet. My favorite thing about Lia's they give you a tiny sugar cone on the scoop which is adorable and also delicious. If I had to criticize, I'd say almost too much flavor in the gelatis... we had to switch flavors halfway because we got burnt out on our choices. But the blood orange sorbet was perfect. And the shop is right next to dub pies, another favorite dirty treat. Will definitely be going back.

                    1. This is an old thread, but has anything really changed?

                      I occasionally see the the Van Leeuwen carts on 7th avenue, which is good; but they aren't always around. Maggie Moo's is closed.

                      Trois Pommes has gelato which is really good, and has opened since the start of this thread.

                      Anywhere else in Park Slope?

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                        Not quite ice cream and not quite Park Slope, but I find the frozen yogurt at Eks (terrible name) on Vanderbilt to be the best of these Pinkberry-cloned fro-yos. Quite delicious. My favorite combo is the plain with longan/litchi and little cubes of mochi. Of course, chocolate chips and fresh raspberries are pretty darn good too.

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                          Hello to all, I am the new owner of Lia's Ices and would like to thank everyone for their patronage. Since my taking over everything has been switched over to home-made (aside from 2 or 3 Italian ice flavors). My products no longer have high fructose corn syrup and are made in a bakery. I welcome all to come and try our new and old flavors. This winter will will also be including soups and salads. Come down and enjoy..