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Aug 9, 2006 05:08 PM

Best Pizza?? Not Paper Thin Crust Either

Looking for the best pizza in the LA area. other places have led me to pizza joints that are paper thin... good but not what im in the mood for. i want real pizza (real by my american standard i guess), or like a chicago thick pizza. all I hear of is NY or realy authentic Italian, which are good but wafer thin. Help!! and no, i dont want recomendations for like Papa Johns (though i love some PJ) or any other fast food chain.

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  1. For thick crust pizza, I like ZELO'S in Arcadia as well as MASA in Echo Park (


    328 E. Foothill Blvd.,
    (626) 358-8298

    1. Petrillos in San Gabriel! Love their sausage!! :)

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        I agree with Dommy, Petrillos is great! Lots of toppings and I love their crust - not too thick and not too thin. Someone reported recently that they ordered it thin and it was really good so I have to give that a try.

        1. re: monkuboy

          Petrillos is awesome and easy to get to from LA on the weekends (just off the 10 freeway). I love the Petrillo's special.

      2. Okay, I'll probably get killed by the foodie crowd, but I've always loved Damiano Mr. Pizza. Basically lived on it in college. The crust certainly isn't thick, but it's not that wafter-thin variety either. More of a New York-style pie. Anyone know if they still make their fugazzeta?

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          You certainly won't get killed by me. I was on Fairfax a few weeks ago and eagerly used the opportunity to pick up a slice at Damiano's for the first time in years. I thought it was excellent, with an exceptionally good thin-but-substantial crust. But be advised that the sauce is unusually sweet-tasting, at least by L.A. standards. I was quite taken aback by the almost fruity splash of my first bite, then instantly recalled how so much of the pizza I ate growing up in New York had that same tangy zing. It's still not my favorite in town - that honor would probably have to go to Zelo's - and I wouldn't go too far out of my way for it. But IMHO dear old divey Damiano's deserves to remain on the books as one of the better pizza joints in L.A.

          BTW, since we at last have a thread where thicker-crust pizzas have not been derisively excluded, I wanted to place my vote for the Sicilian pizza at Lamonica's in Westwood Village as the best of its chewy kind in SoCal. It's what I used for sustenance through grad school, and I still regularly enjoy a heaping slice of the stuff (when my arteries permit).

        2. I know I sound like a broken record but I LOVE Pizza Buona and Pizza Paul. I can't choose between the two. It's more like..."am I in the mood for beer or wine or booze tonight?" Just depends on which way the wind blows. But, whatever direction you go, you can't miss with PB or PP.

          1. My absolute favorites. (In no particular order.)

            Cheech's Pizza on Hillhurst in Silver Lake. Really good basic cheese Pizza. Crust, sauce and cheese all top notch and made there. (Well, not the cheese.)

            Add to that the best toppings, and VIOLA! Great price too! The menu prices are reasonable and better yet when the prices are for TWO pizzas.

            Cheech's Pizza
            2116 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA

            In the South Bay I was really suprised by the great Pizza at Wildflour Boston Pizza. Amazing crust and sauce with really good toppings make it one of my top two. Also they have a really crisp antipasto salad. If there are 2 of you order the SMALL! I also enjoy the spaghetti. Nothing gourmet nor fancy, just a good flavor and generous portion.

            Wildflour Boston Pizza
            2512 Pacific Coast Hwy, At Artesia Blvd.
            Hermosa Beach, CA

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            1. re: Wes

              Is that the same "Cheech's Pizza" that just opened in Burbank?

              1. re: jackattack

                Nope, I asked them and they said they are the only one.

                The other one is called Cheech's Pizza Joint so I can see the confusion.

              2. re: Wes

                Hillhurst in Silver Lake?

                1. re: bza

                  Fairly sure, Just a few blocks South of Los Feliz and North of the Magnificant Vista Theatre at Sunset and Hillhurst. It could be called Los Feliz area. ?

                  The area names vary a lot in a few files.

                  It's across the street from Mexico City restaurant, which I DO NOT recommend!

                  1. re: Wes

                    That's very much the center of Los Feliz. A good five minute drive from Silver Lake.

                2. re: Wes

                  I recently went to Wildflour Boston Pizza and I wasn't impressed. I thought the pizza was just okay, nothing great. And it's a very thin crust, so I don't think it's quite what the original poster was looking for.