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Aug 9, 2006 04:58 PM

Bit of a long shot, but any recommendations for the Lake Lure/ Chimney Rock area?

We will be spending a week there soon and was wondering if there were any "must try" places.


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  1. This is second hand, but there is a review on...

    of Old Rock Cafe at Chimney Rock. Doesn't sound exactly like a "must try", but the setting sounds nice. If that link doesn't take you directly there, go to "our favorite restaurants" and click on it from there.

    For not miss into Asheville...see the many Asheville post here on Chowhound.

    1. not too much in lake lure and chimney rock, but hendersonville and asheville aren't too far away. Check out the many posts on both places and have a good time!

      1. Depending where you are in Lake Lure it may be a reasonable drive to go to Black Mtn for dinner - I usually do lunch there but have been to dinner at Cellar Door and it was very good.