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Aug 9, 2006 04:29 PM

Question re: leftover sushi

After a thoroughly depressing and soul-wrenching dental visit (must play the lottery!), I decided to cheer myself up with sushi last night. I had a ton left over so brought it home thinking I would eat it for lunch today. Well, I forgot it and I am having dinner out tonight so won't be able to eat it until tomorrow. My question is rather lame but I don't prepare fresh fish at home: just how long will my sushi keep in the fridge? I have maguro sashimi and nigiri. Also, CA roll but I am not worried about that one, don't even really like it. Thanks!

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  1. I wouldn't eat 2-day old raw fish leftovers. I think you could, however, cook the sushi and eat it, even do a sort of japanese-inspired fried rice/fish situation with ginger and wasabi and soy sauce. The california roll is the sturdiest, though I think the rice will be dried out and it won't be super tasty after a few days.

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      Thanks, Jeda! I do have the wasabi and ginger so I am all set to try the impromptu fried rice with fish.

    2. I would peel the fish off the rice/neta and let it (the fish) sit in soy sauce, covered in the refrigerator. If the fish was really fresh, then it should be safe until tomorrow as the soy sauce would help preserve it.

      When you prepare to eat it, you'll want to eat it with more rice. Or, you can give the fish a quick rinse & add it back to the neta.

      1. I would'nt recommend eating it just like that either.
        What I've done with nori-wrapped rolls is dip them in tempura batter and fry - they are amazingly delicious!

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        1. I've found that leftover sushi (on those rare occasions when there is any) makes the perfect bribe to buy my way into the good graces of my cats. They absolutely love sashimi grade tuna!