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Aug 9, 2006 04:23 PM

Saveur magazine's website

Really, really stinks. Seriously. Everytime I'm at work and I remember a recipe I read I basically don't even bother.

I wanted to chime in on a discussion on the home cooking board about whole wheat pasta, it occurred to me that a recipe they had for chanterelles served over whole wheat toast with cream might be mighty tasty over some whole wheat penne. I thought I'd find the recipe but no dice. Forget about it. Can't find anything on that stupid site.

My point being, if anyone out there knows those guys, let them know. I might send a strongly worded email as well. I'll show them alright. I might even use an exclamation point.

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  1. If their search engine's not working for you, try Googling with E.g.:

    1. I made creamed morels to go on toast this past spring. Basically melted some unsalted butter in a skillet added the morels, S& freshly gtound P, let it cook for a bit, added some heavy cream and let that cook a bit and reduce until thickened and added a dollop of med. dry sherry. I don't know why you could not do that with the Chanterelles, but you might want a different wine, maybe a lighter whte or some French dry vermouth.

      1. I LOVE this magazine and have emailed them snailed mailed them to at least but out a recipe index for those of us with every issue. <SIGH>