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Aug 9, 2006 03:56 PM


I need 2 great chow meals to add to Topolobampo, Help.

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  1. Fine dining? Ethnic? Hole-in-the-wall? Willing to travel? Are they lunches or dinners? Give us a little more to go on, please.

    1. Staying at Park Hyatt, fine dining or ethnic within cab ride of hotel, dinner.

      1. Great options near the Park Hyatt: TRU, Spiaggia, Naha, and Les Nomades are very closeby (walking distance). If you want to splurge big-time, Alinea has more than lived up to the massive media hype every time I've been there. Only a few miles easy cab ride. I also love Le Colonial for refined Vietnamese food...expensive compared to hardcore neighborhood places, but relatively affordable given the real estate. Never had a bad meal there.

        1. To the above suggestions, I would add Avenues, in the Peninsula Hotel, for sensational haute-American (less pricey than Alinea), and Le Lan for excellent Franco/Vietnamese fusion.

          Alinea is perhaps THE top Chicago dining destination, IMHO. You would definitely have a fantastic dining experience, if you go with an open attitude, and understand that you are paying for as close to perfection as human dining can be (Wow! Was that praise enough?). You might even still be able to get a reservation (I got one within a week by accepting an early slot).