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Aug 9, 2006 03:55 PM

to Chablis

Two food-crazy girls are taking a road trip into Chablis from Paris. Thanks to all the prior work of diligent chowhounds, I think we are close to set for info on Paris (although more suggestions of places open mid august are always welcome), but are there any wonderful jems not to be missed out in the country? ... especially, although not necessarily in the mid-range for prices. We may be grad students, but certainly chowhounds first! Thanks a lot.

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  1. While not exactly inexpensive, the restaurant Michel Vignaud at the Hostellerie des Clos in Chablis is definitely Chow-Worthy. The food is super, service elegant, and the wine list presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the wines of Chablis - multiple vineyards/vintages of Raveneau, Dauvissat, Louis Michel, Droin, etc, etc, etc.

    1. We had a lovely but very quick visit to/through Chablis in June. Its a charming village with many possibilities - we stayed in the Yonne valley south of Auxerre at a charming canal side inn with excellent traditional cuisine highlighting the regional specialties, the Auberge les Tilleuls in Vincelottes (the rural countryside in between Vincelottes and Chablis, on small roads is lovely). Dinner is served under a canopy next to the canal, , excellent cheese cart and a well chosen selection of wines, the continental breakfast is served in a pleasant airy breakfast room and is well worth the charge.

      The nearby city of Auxerre is both lively and historic and well worth a visit.

      Since we only had an hour in late afternoon to spend in Chablis proper we chose to visit Domain Long-Depaquit and had a lovely visit tasting through quite a number of wines (they are very flexible in offering tastes). I was with my daughters, who are just starting to learn about wine, and I especially appreciating their willingness to keep opening, pouring and showing wines all the way up to the grand crus and also different years of the same cru. It was a great tasting. I'd love to go back and visit Dauvissat (I love their wines) Raveneau and others to explore the stylistic differences. Have a great trip and please report back!