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Aug 9, 2006 03:40 PM

Visiting my!

For the past few months we have been doing the bi-coastal thing (sigh) but I'm finally coming out to visit! I would like to take her to a romantic meal but can't afford to run up the bill too much. Can anyone help me find a great restaurant with entrees in the $20-30 range in LA? We like all cuisines...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Which part of L.A. are you guys gonna be at?

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    1. re: AquaW

      Anything from Downtown to the Pacific works for me. Nothing in the Valley or South of Marina Del Rey

      Also, we've been to Blair's (its delicious) so would prefer to try somewhere else

      1. re: YEMIan

        I am assuming you're coming for the weekender - definitely check out Norman's Pig and Paella Night on Fridays (not bad for $19 a person) -- OK, so probably not romantic but great food.

        Violet in Venice does a Sunday 3-course supper for $25 per person (though I heard the portions are on the small side, so you may wanna supplement with another dish). If you can manage it, Lucques also has one Sunday night for $40 pp.

        Definitely check out Jin Patisserie in Venice for afternoon tea ($17pp) ~ it's satisfying enough to be a meal and a very cute spot (borderline on the romantic though--depending on whether there's a large group there throwing a shower/party

        Another good place for prix-fixe is Jiraffe in Santa MOnica on Monday Night ($33 pp)

        Hope that helps and that other chows can offer you more suggestions.

    2. Chez Mimi's patio has a romantic feel at night, and it's more reasonably priced than other restaurants (entrees $15-$24.50)--check out their menu online:
      I wouldn't call it a "great" restaurant, but I would definitely say it is a "good" restaurant. It serves French food and is located in Santa Monica.

      Someone mentioned Jiraffe's prix fixe. Even on a regular night, they fall into your price range of $20-$30 per entree...although they are at the higher end of your range, with most entrees $26-$29:
      If you go there, ask to sit upstairs--it's quieter and more romantic. Their food is better than Chez Mimi, but of course it costs more.

      I should add that I was a little underwhelmed by the Sunday dinner at Violet--it was pretty good, but nothing special.

      1. Moun of Tunis fits the price range. A different experience to be sure but lots of fun and good food and lots of it.

        It is quiet enough to talk and tables are not too close together.

        You will like it.

        The Morocan Feast at $28 is our choice but the Sahara @ $20 looks good too. Try to get a choice with B'stilla.

        Do a search here and see if it might fit.

        A large sign on Sunset Blvd. Pull into the 'alley' looking entrance to the parking lot. Free parking.

        Their Web pabe is

        The belly dancing is G-rated. You might want to get a reservation (recommended for any time) when she is going to dance.

        Over an hour to eat and using their great bread as eating utensils is fun too. Large towels on you lap.