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Aug 9, 2006 03:09 PM

The Breakfast Club - Scottsdale

Has anyone ever been and if so, would like your opinions on the variety of the menu and quality. I cana't find a website for them.

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  1. I thought the quality of the food was good, but, I left hungry, and it wasn't cheap. IIRC, they have three kinds of pancakes and waffles, with one of them being buckwheat. This got my attention, and I didn't look too hard at the rest of the menu. They score big points with me for having real maple syrup (not rationed, either). The buckwheat was pretty mild, for my taste, like it was just blended into a more standard batter. There was a big flat screen TV tuned to Fox News.

    I don't see much reason for me to go back, but, others might like it.

    1. While I haven't been myself, several friends have and report that the food quality is high, but the place is very pricey for breakfast foods.

      Like John, they found the servings to be "meager."

      1. I'm so disappointed to hear this kind of feedback as I've been on the lookout for a place that does giant, toothy buckwheat pancakes, or any kind of pancake past the norm. What about pumpkin? What about macadamia nut? Wildflower gets recommended for the lemon-ricotta pancakes, but they were just ... pancakes, to me.

        Don't get me started on the lack of gaufrettes or beignets or Belgian waffles on most breakfast menus, either. If I can make it myself I'm not going to want to go out for it; that's the point of going out.

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          how about the banana nut pancakes at Wildflower? Not very big, tho I suppose. I did notice on my 1st trip to the Hangar Cafe a couple of weeks ago, that they had HUGE pancakes.

        2. I went in with somewhat high expectations, and I was sorely disappointed. I ordered the french toast, which is what I order at every breakfasst place, and it was AWFUL. The description made it sound so tasty, yet it was everything but. Not even the syrup could save it. The 2 other people I dined with ordered the blueberry pancakes and the chocolate chip pancakes. The portions are HUGE, which is good because the one who ordered the blueberry pancakes also disliked hers (as did I after trying them), so all three of us ended up sharing the delicious chocolate chip pancakes (is it possible to mess those up?). If you want good french toast, though, I suggest heading to Chompies (92nd and Shea/Greenway and 32nd)...they make AMAZING french toast!