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Aug 9, 2006 02:46 PM

Asian in the Inner Richmond

Wow, I know that includes many places! We live in the Easy Bay and are responsible for choosing any asian cuisine for friends who live in the North Bay. They relish trips down here to wet their longing appetite for Asian food of any kind- just authentic and a smallish neighborhood place. I was intrigued by Burma Super Star. Any other recommendations?

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  1. Burma Superstar has a pretty hellish wait almost every day of the week. If you go after 7 on any day be prepared to wait. It is a small restaurant, but it seems that the main problem is that people like to "camp" and never leave. It is great food, but since I live in the 'hood I rarely feel up to the 30 - 60 minute wait.

    I would suggest Spices 1 or 2 for really different experience from what they might have had before in the City. Both have really tasty Szechwan (sp?) which is very spicy. Spices 1 (on 8th) also has Stinky Tofu. Spices 2 (on 6th) has a lot of different types of hot pots. People have complained about the service but I have never had a problem. The cross street for both is Clement.

    Another option would be King of Thai. There are various locations, 2 or 3 in the Inner Richmond. Very casual, but very good. I prefer the one on Clement between 5th and 6th (I think).

    One other option is actually more of a bar, but has AMAZING food, is RoHan. It is Korean based food, which has been “updated” (the word that the owner used when describing the food.) My personal favorite is the kalbi and bulgogi there. Everything is good though!

    That should get you started.



    1. I've been thinking of trying Burma Super Star. If you go, tell me how it is.

      1. Without endorsing or disendorsing RoHan, they do have a
        happy hour:

        SUNDAYS & WEDNESDAYS Belly up to the bar. half price lounge nibbles and cocktails at the bar ALL night.

        BSS: as people say, crowded, small, loud. I personally
        dont see what the big fuss is about there ... but I never
        went to the "old BSS" befor the current people took over.

        Rohan also is sort of a young'uns-out-for-the-evening
        kinda place, no?

        In addition to the food, do you care about the atmosphereics
        and demographics?

        There is the super small King of Thai and the larger KoT
        within a couple of blocks of each other on Clement ... that
        might indeed be a reasonable place. If you are driving from
        EB, do you really care whether it is around 5th or 25th?
        The Outer 'Mond is a bit quieter.

        I still like SHANGHAI DUMPLING HOUSE on Balboa and 33rd or so.

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          Thank you. We are actually going to meet our friends at the De Young where we will see the Quilt show so that is why I was thinking of the Inner Richmond- but your Balboa and 33rd would be fine too.

        2. I love Burma SuperStar but prepare to wait. You can call to get on the list but they don't take reservations.

          Since you're going to the deYoung, I'd recommend Sushi Bistro (Balboa and 6th) or Thai Noodle Jump (Balboa and 7th).

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          1. re: image415

            2 things

            I have been very curious about both Sushi Bistro and Thai Noodle Jump. Any further words on those places? I'd really like to hear more.
            How does thai noodle jump compare with places like king of thai.
            It never seems to have people in it...
            Sushi Bistro appears to be open quite late, (its the overly decorated tiny place right?)

            Also, Mandalay has burmese, which i believe to be just as good as burma super star, with less then half the wait.

            spices II is definitely a good experience. i haven't been in any other chinese places that are that good, and also so youth oriented... canto-hip-hop videos, tiny waitresses, club kid patrons.

            taiwan, closer to 6th, on clement is also a good one. great homemade dumplings (you can watch through the front window), and it smells extra-good in there, in a sweet way.

            The tiny king of thai, the one between 7th and 8th seems to have a few extra options to the menu that i haven't found at the 5th ave location. (sweet and sour shrimp thai style, pretty damn great).

            the 2 times i went to rohan it was indeed really tasty, though the second time, my portions were nearly half the size they were before, for the same price.

            1. re: kairo

              1. Thai Noodle Jump is like a smaller version of King of Thai. The menu is smaller and the place is quieter. Everything I've ordered from there has been tasty, curries and noodles dishes especially. I think many in the neighborhood order take out as there is traffic in and out.

              Sushi Bistro is one of my favs, good fresh fish without the attitude or a DJ =). The tiny restaurant used to be a neighborhood secret, but each year the wait gets longer. the 49er roll is a staple for me...just enuf lemon without overpowering it. Appetizers are also very good...YT Jalapeno was unique. Sorry, I've never eaten there late.

              2. I was disappointed with Mandalay. The food wasn't as crisp tasting as Burma SuperStar. the Rainbow salad has less ingredients. IMHO.

              Rohan is really good and has a fun atmosphere. Oh yeah, there's a DJ there some nights =) Wed and Sun nights are the best time to go due to the half price specials. Their infused sojos are excellent and the bartender is proud of his craft.

          2. Burma Super Star is fantastic and definitely worth the wait. ( Just try the green tea leaf salad.)You can leave your cell phone number on the wait list and have a drink directly across the street at the Blue Danube Cafe or walk a few blocks to one of the best bookstores in the city, Green Apple Books.

            I also love Marnee Thai in the Inner Sunset on 9th near Lincoln. Just across the park.