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Aug 9, 2006 02:36 PM

Frozen Pot Stickers?

I'm doing a dinner for friends this weekend with an asian theme and thought that some pot stickers or friend dumplings might be a nice addition. Has anyone tried a frozen brand that they would recommend? Stores I have access to include Safeway, Giant, Trader Joes, Harris Teeter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Trader Joes are excellent. I just follow the package directions and get great results every time -- way better than takeout!!

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      I agree with jenhen2. I like the chicken variety and just follow the package directions to pan fry and then steam. Yum!

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        I prefer the Thai veggie potstickers. Delish! I like them better pan seared and steamed over deep frying.

        I make a little dipping sauce with soy, fish sauce, green onions, a dash of toasted sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and chili oil/sauce.

      2. Trader Joe's frozen chicken pot stickers/gyoza in the bag with the red and black label. The vegetarian style are not as good - they taste slightly bitter to me (strange).

        If you love pot stickers, you'd probably also like dim sum: the TJ's siu mai in the box are good served with a bit of soy sauce mixed with sugar. The har gow are also good served with a bit of hot oil and soy sauce. What is NOT good is the siu mai/har gow combo box because the siu mai are dyed a bright, nuclear yellow - definitely un-natural. So unlike TJ's too - I dropped a dime on these nasty siu mai and they said they'd look into it as TJ's generally does not offer foods with artificial dyes.

        But back to the pot stickers. Here's how I prepare them. For a quick meal, and I do mean QUICK: take a non-stick pan with a tight cover (this is a dish that demonstrates the advantage of tempered glass pot covers because you can see when the opaque frozen noodles turn cooked noodle looking after about 5 minutes - they are done), place as many pot stickers as you want in the pan. Add enough water to go halfway up the sides of the dumplings. Top with thin sliced napa cabbage. Cook on a medium high flame for a few moments - test by pressing firmly on one dumpling - it should feel firm. The less you cook them, only until the meat is firm, the better the noodle part will be - you don't want to overcook. Drain well. I serve with tamari sprinkled on top.

        1. I buy Wei-Chuan brand at the asian market; they're pretty good, esp the pork & spinach ones. They're pre-steamed, all you have to do is steam/panfry--about 8 minutes (4 minutes saute in oil, 4 minutes steaming w/water) is just right.

          1. asian taste available at an asian supermarket is what we have eaten at my home when my mom started working and couldn't make them from scratch any more. we usually buy the pork and leek ones however, they make you burp up leek, so i advise you to stay away from that if you are having a party...

            also, if you are near a korean supermarket, the korean pot stickers (more flat than crescent shaped) taste almost like home made, the wrapper is extremely thin and not doughy.

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              Is there a brand on these Korean potstickers, or just any that are Korean?

            2. I buy frozen pot stickers at local (Sacramento) asian stores.
              The directions I usually see say boil (frozen) until they float, then another 3 or 4 minutes. I then fry (just a little oil in a nonstick pan w/some seasme oil for flavor) until lightly browned and serve. There is a basic sauce with soy sauce, sugar, a little chopped green onion, etc. ... Actually I like hot chinese mustard with them. It comes in powder form. Just add water to proper consistancy.

              Trader Joes also have a frozen product they call Shrimp Wraps. Comes with a red pepper spicy sweet and sour sauce. All very good and seems very chinese.

              I'm sure you will have a nice meal. Enjoy.


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                Mmm, those shrimp wraps are very tasty and elegant.