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Aug 9, 2006 02:29 PM

Any REASONABLE places to but a 6 pack of beer in Center City or South Philly

I'm not a big beer drinker so I rarely buy a case. I pick up 6 packs when I'm going to NJ. Thanks to the arcane Penna liquor laws, beer distributors can't sell less than a case at a time (talk about encouraging drinking.)

Because of this delis charge top price for 6 packs. Sometimes it's nearly half the price of a case of 24 from a distributor.

Often I don't need a case and I want it fresh. I just need a 6 pack.

Any suggestions on places - delis, etcx - that sell the common brands (Miller, Bud etc) for a fair price?

Steve R

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  1. I drink Miller Lite when I drink domestic, On the corner of Spruce and 20th there is a little deli that has 6 packs of 16 oz. cans for $5.95, not bad compared to the rest of the pizza shops and delis I have seen. That's about my only input because I'm in the same boat you are on this one unfortunately. I'm interested to hear what others have to say about this.....By the way, gotta love it when we're talking beer before noon!

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      Yeah, it's called Kitchen USA. Also, they've usually got Yiengling for $6.50 - $6.95.

      Sometimes, when I'm feeling sort of ghetto, I pick up the $2.50 oilcans of Fosters from there. Good times.

    2. You can also try Phila Deli on 4th and South. They have cheap beer cheap. $10 for a 12 pack of Bud. Foodary on 10th and Pine has a great micro and import beer selection and the cheap beer is cheap.


      1. I don't but it, but my SO buys beer regularly at the Foodery (10th & Pine)which has an unbelievable beer selection. They have 6 packs as well as beer by the bottle. You can even mix your own 6er so you can try mulitple selections. I'm pretty sure their prices are reasonable.

        1. The foodery's mix/match six pack is amazing, but runs about $18-$20 with some stipulations, you can't repeat bottles, etc. Though it actually is a good deal considering the quality of beer you're getting.

          1. How much do the beer distributers charge for a case nowadays?

            I can't get over the markup on liquor in PA. My local grocery store is selling a 30-can case of Bud for $17.99. Is that much cheaper than in PA?

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            1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

              Yes, that's right. Due to Pennsylvania's antiquated liquor laws, it is cheaper to buy a case of beer from a wholesaler than two six-packs from a convenience store!

              1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

                Last time I checked a CASE of 24 Miller Lite Cans was about $16.00. And, I pointed out in my original post that the Foodery is NOT an option due to price. In fact in sunday's Inky Craig Leban mentioned bis new favorite beer at the new NoLib Foodery and it's ONLY something like $5.95 per BOTTLE!

                Guess there is no Cheap beer in Philly. Thanks for replies!

                Steve R

                1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

                  If you are spending that much for Bud or Miller Light, I suggest spending a little more for a good local brew. Troegs, Victory, Yards, Sly Fox, Stoudt's all have similar brews (Pils, Lagers, Pale Ales) in cases for 20-25 bucks. Much better for your taste buds, and you will be supporting a local product of much, much, much higher quality. Most of us utilize this site b/c of our interest in local (not chain) restaurants, with fresh (hopefully local) ingredients, why wouldn't we treat beer in the same fashion?

                  The Foodery in CC, and No Libs
                  The Six Pack Store in the Northeast