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Aug 9, 2006 01:48 PM

Jury Duty -- San

My time has come to fulfill my duties as a citizen. I do this willingly, for the good of society.

How bad could it be?

Given my brief tour of that part of town, 190 West Hedding in San Jose, it's bleak. Even Blythe offered several choices of where one could dine compared to this section of San Jose.

I saw a _Mr._Chau's_, along 1st Street. Please tell me there are _other_ places!

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  1. I've read one or two reports (here?) that Pho Bac So 1 i.e. Pho Bac #1 at 1092 N 1st Street, which I think is right next to Mr Chau's, is an old-time favorite. It might be northern style pho judging from its name; or just borrowing the name of a popular chain in France.

    Also 3 blocks E and 1 block N of 1st & Hedding, Hunan Taste on 998 N 4th Street has gotten several good reviews on this board.

    Sorry I don't have personal experience of these places. I often go to the County offices but for lunch always decide to drive south to the downtown places (along Santa Clara Street), where there's much more choices.

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      I took the Clan out to Hunan Taste for dinner since our AC decided to fry itself while I was people-watching during my all-day jury summons.

      Parking, such as it is, is at a premium but we were there before the dinner rush so parked right in front.

      We had the restaurant to ourselves[1] most of the meal and the owner was very helpful during our meal there.

      We ordered the hot-and-sour beef, chicken fried rice, chicken salad, and mu shu pork. The beef was spectacular. Daughter-unit Beta almost left enough for me to have seconds... Almost. The mu shu pork was without the pancakes but I don't like them anyway so no problem there. The mix was nice and flavorful. The chicken fried rice is a different style than I'm used to but was still enjoyable.

      _I'd_ go back with both older daughter-units, Alpha and Beta. I would not be able to drag Spawn or SWMBO in there again with wild stallions.

      Total charge: $54.35 (with tax and tip)

      [1] We were joined by two Made Brooklyn Flies. I swatted one clear into the ajoining room and he buzzed me the rest of the meal. His partner was fitted with see-ment shoes, though, when Beta became vexed. Hence why Spawn and SWMBO will not go back.

    2. Try Queen of Sheba (Hedding & The Alameda) for Ethiopian. Not sure if they still have the lunch buffet anymore but it was good. Also, George's Burgers is an old school, greasy burger joint near the courthouse.

      1. Sorry - I think George's Burgers is closed. Corner of Coleman & W. Hedding, they tore down the building.

        1. This seems like a good opportunity to ask the clerks and other courthouse personnel where *they* go for lunch. Might turn up some great finds.

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            That was the first order of business in the morning; settling where I was going to fill my belly. The answers from the two clerks and six deputies ranged from, "Mr. Chau's is cheap" to "Subway; they're consistent." Apparently staff are terrified to venture beyond the mediocre. At one point I asked specifically about Japantown. Two deputies shook their heads and said, "There's nothing worth going there for."

            I still boggled that there's not even a COFFEE house in the area! Banks and bondsmen; can't have enough of them.