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Aug 9, 2006 01:23 PM

Special Anniversary Dinner

So, with it being ten years my wife and I have been together, we have convinced the in0laws to watch the kids and we are heading out for dinner. But to which restaurant should we go?

So, looking for the nicest, best food, restaurant in Brooklyn (we have done all the New York City places). It can be dairy or meat as we love it all.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you're looking for a very nice place in Brooklyn, I would suggest Orchidea, on 12th Avenue between 48th, and 49th Street. The ambience is upscale, and the food, service, and presentation are almost always excellent. (I always hesitate to give a totally unqualified endorsement, because I find that even the best of places can sometimes be inconsistent, and disappointing.)
    We have eaten there quite a few times, but it's been several months since we've been back, so I hope that nothing has gone downhill.
    I've heard that they have buffets on certain days, at certain times, and I would suggest checking this out. I would avoid going at those times, if you're celebrating a special occasion, to avoid the possible tumult.

    1. Sorry! I see that I forgot to mention in my previous reply, that Orchidea is a dairy restaurant.

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        I was there on a sunday and enjoyed the buffet. Selection was pretty good although the sushi was pretty pedestrian.