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Aug 9, 2006 01:18 PM

My Miller Tavern Review

After a bad start, trying to find parking in their oh-so small parking lot...we managed to score a table on their talked about summer patio. One of the nicer ones in the city. It was packed with white collar soldiers after a hard days of work (I will assume it was a hard one considering the amount of alkie at some tables..oh, and the breaking of glasses).

The service was not too bad. But also nothing to remember. For a joint like that, I expected our server to ask if we wanted water, but she didn't. Heck, it is a summer day afterall. Jerk quesadilla's are nothing fact, the exotic menu description tasted a lot better.

Mark and I both ordered beef (more on the rare side) was med-well done...more on the well done side. But I was starving, so I scarfed it down anyway. It wasn't bad. My potatoes were lumpy (but that is the way I like them), and Mark's potato fritter's were perfect.

It was an expensive dinner...Would I go back?, er, um...

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  1. I admit that im perplexed by the Miller. I was there in June and the hostess told me with a straight face that patio was closed cause they didnt have time to set it up!! On a hot day at 1PM!!!

    1. Not good for business, that's for sure.