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Aug 9, 2006 12:50 PM

NYC Ethnic For Picky Eater

I eats lots of Mexican, Italian and Chinese/Thai and would like to take advantage of our great city by trying some new ethnic cuisines, preferably midtown but I am the pickiest eater so I don't know where to start. I like fresh ingredients and lots of flavor (herbs, spices, never tasted one I didn't like). I also like food to be warm, to me a meal is not a meal if it is served cold. However, the only meats I eat are beef and pork and I don't eat any type of seafood nor do I eat anything made with blue cheese, feta cheese, sour cream, yogurt, etc.

What would you suggeset? Ever since seeing Along Came Polly I have been dying to try Moroccan. Does a restruant like the movie really exist? I also read about some Iranian dishes that sound yummy.

What else would have great flavor without ingredients I don't eat? I have dabbled with Indian and enjoyed the flavors. Any cuisines combine those type of yummy flavors with beef?

Any suggestions for this adventurous but picky eater?

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  1. If you do lamb and chicken (or like vegetables), Moroccan will work. Beef is done as well, though it runs a distant third to lamb and chicken in the flesh category. If you're inclined to experiment, I strongly recommend Park Terrace Bistro on Broadway and 207th. It's not midtown, but it's just up the block from the end-of-the-line "A" train stop. The chef is Moroccan as is the decor, and the food is excellent - mostly North African with some French/Continental offerings as well. I think there's even a pork dish on the menu (something you won't easily find in Morocco - the only place I saw it offerred was at a Vietnamese place in Casablanca!).

    Check out their website at

    1. A much better place for Moroccan is La Maison du Couscous in Bay Ridge. The service is very hands-on, it's a nice little place, and the meat dishes are phenomenal. Park Terrace is too salty.

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        Beg to differ. I haven't been to La Maison (it's a shlep) - though I've heard good things about it - but to your other point I'm a low salt kind of guy, and have never had a problem at Park Terrace - nor has anyone else I've dined there with.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately they are a bit far away to try, it would be different if I lived in the city but commuting through it just doesn't allow much time to go too far from midtown.

        1. For Moroccan, I would try Le Suk (on Ave B and 6th St -- sorry, not midtown).

          But I would also strongly recommend Queen of Sheeba which is authentic Ethiopian food on 46th st and 10th ave (you have to double check the address on that one). The food is great, try toe vegetable sampler and the traditional beef dish. It is really affordable and the food is great!

          1. Moroccan is more lamb. I don't think you are adventerous if you are that picky. I dare you to eat Balut at Elvie's Turo Turo on 1st Avenue and 13th Street - Duck Embryo.