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Aug 9, 2006 12:29 PM

Road Trip to Pittsburgh

Where are good places to eat between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh off of I-76? Also good places to eat in Pittsburgh itself.

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  1. Stoudt's Brewery is the only place I know between Philly and Pitt, it's got good food and makes great microbews.

    Gettysburg must have some good restaurants, I just don't know them.

    I haven't been in Pittsburgh in a while but here are some suggestions:

    go to the Strip District for lunch any day. this is the best Chowish area I've ever known, dozens of stores selling fish, meat, italian food stuff, middle eastern food stuff, asian food stuff, sausage, produce, biscotti, specialty foods, etc... there's cafes, microbreweries, and plenty of food carts for snacking. I used to shop every Saturday in the Strip then go home and figure out how to cook what I'd bought.

    go to the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh, there are two shopping areas there with plenty of good restaurants (sorry can't remember any of the names) and nice walking.

    The Church Brewery is an out of body experience, especially for Catholics.

    Carson Street on the South Side also has a bunch of good restaurants and is a good walking area.

    There's an old train station on the south side that has a great marble oyster bar and spectacular restaurant.

    Thats all I can remember. Enjoy!

    1. Great suggestions above. My favorite is the Strip District, just walk around and buy what looks good! My personal favorites there are Pamela's for breakfast (try the pancakes!), La Prima for excellent real coffee drinks, Cafe Richard for pastries, sandwiches, basically everything I've had there has been great. You have to walk through Wolly's just because you have to.

      1. If you are walking the strip district, you would like to wander through Penn Mac (Pennsylvania Macaroni) too.

        The suggestions already posted about the strip, south side and Station Square are right. To find the strip on your map, look at Penn Ave. between roughly 15th and 23rd Streets. It's easiest to just find a place to park and walk. For the South Side, look for Carson Street from about 10th to 24th streets. Of course, these are not the only places around.

        This is a helpful interactive Pittsburgh map.

        Some restos between Philly and Harrisburg were noted at this site.

        1. Just returned from our roadtrip to Pittsburgh and wanted to comment while it was still fresh in my mind.

          We stopped at the Summit Diner in Somerset for breakfast on the way out and found it to be good and an extremely good value (2.99 2 eggs + meat/toast and potatoes). I had read some less than glowing reviews of this place (mainly about calculating the bill) but would definitely recommend this place. Right off of Exit 110.

          (on the way back home we stopped at...the Pine Room or something similarly named, literally within eyeshot of the Summit. Food was OK, but I think we would have had better if we had gone to the diner again)

          In the city our food was hit or miss. The Strip is definitely cool to check out if you like wandering through markets, but since we were staying in a hotel we could not buy much.

          Food highlights:

          CoCa Cafe on Butler in the Design Zone- tasty tasty "apple cinnamon Panini" for brunch on Sunday, a bit of an artsy/hipster place but the place was bustling, cheery and the food was good. Unfortunately a lot of the shops in the area are closed on Sun.

          Tessaro's on Liberty- I have been converted- the burgers here are truly the bomb! If I had had the appetite we would've gone for a steak. Yum.

          DeLuca's for breakfast- in the strip. big portions, filling.

          Can't believe we didn't eat more!

          1. There is an excellent Mexican restaurant not too far from the Harrisburg East exit from the Turnpike. It's called Herby's and it is located at 720 Main Street, Bressler, PA. Continuing on the Mexican theme, there's Lupita's in Gettysburg, but that's pretty far from the Turnpike.