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Aug 9, 2006 08:34 AM

La Baguette in Reseda

I was in Fremont this past weekend and finally got around to trying banh mi. I am hooked! I tried a grilled pork one, and it was the perfect blend of meat, pickled veggies, jalepeno and bread that was to die for!

I've heard La Baguette is a good place for banh Mi in the valley. What is good there? What should I avoid? Any other places in the North/West Valley I should try? Someone mentioned a place on DeSoto and Roscoe in a previous post but then someone else said it had closed?

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  1. boogiebaby -- La Baguette on Reseda is good and the owner wants to please. We were there on a Sunday, and there was no one else around. The place is pretty rundown, the chairs are really uncomfortable, and we just felt that we prefer the banh mi place on DeSoto at about Sherman Way. There are two Vietnamese restaurants there, and the one on the left as you face the building is good for banh mi sandwiches and drinks. We have also had some very good lunches at the shop on the right (and great colorful drinks as well), but I don't think they have Vietnamese sandwiches (?). They do, however, have lots of snack items and it is great fun to shop!

    I know someone will help me here with the names of both of these restaurants, but in case not, they are on DeSoto just north of Sherman Way...(or is it between Vanowen and Sherman Way???) on the west side of DeSoto. I think it is Ba Le (Vietnamese Sandwich Shop) at 7223 DeSoto (#818.348-8578). This is one of a chain, and I think they open for lunch about 11:00am every day.

    1. Saigon Sandwich is the DeSoto location.

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        Thanks, Bob! Is Ba Le next door? Do I have them reversed?

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          Ba Le (or Bai Le Valley, if I remember correctly) is next door to Saigon Sandwiches, same strip mall. No banh mi there, only the sit down stuff, lotsa pho.

          I'm the one who went to Saigon Sandwiches and Coffee recently and reported it's gone downhill since the remodel. The pork banh mi I had about a month ago was absolutely awful.

          I'm still not over the iceberg lettuce.

      2. There are four West SFV shops that specialize in banh mi that I know of; pezworld and I posted on this the other day...buried in a post on taco shops. Should've made it a separate post, sorry. Scroll down.

        Give 'em a try and let us know what you think.